Ida Laurberg Releases The Brilliant ‘Personal Letters’ Today, October 8th And Fans Of Billie Eilish Are Gonna Love It!

Ida Laurberg created a real buzz when she released ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ and it went viral, amassing nearly 40 million streams. That self-released debut single really set the scene for her melancholic but powerful voice. She followed that 2016 release with a critically acclaimed EP called ‘Phase Five’ which cemented her place as an important young female voice of Denmark. However, she is now signed to a major label and, today, is releasing the stunning ‘Personal Letters’.

Ida is an independent, creative woman and her new song is all about the fear of confrontation. It still has that melancholic, edgy feel to it but this time has just a little grunge about it. Whatever the production, whatever the style, there is no hiding the stunning vocals that Ida brings to her music. I really am not overstating how good she is when I compare her to the incredible Billie Eilish. Ida is, for me, a really exciting voice and since listening to her for the first time, I have her firmly installed on my personal playlists.

Ida says of the new release: “’Personal Letters’ is about my frustration of not having the nerve to confront people in my life when they do something that hurts me- which ends up in me getting hurt and having boundaries overstepped time after time. Instead, I keep up finding myself perform angry monologues with myself in the shower in the morning. That’s ‘Personal Letters’.”

She speaks eloquently to a generation who will really resonate with her frustration and I’m sure this brilliant new song will find a fan base very quickly. Ida says that she’s “never written a happy song” and in a world that is emerging, butterfly like, from the chrysalis of a global pandemic, and having to relearn the social etiquettes of dealing with human interaction again after so long, Ida can become the voice of a generation. Not only in Denmark, but globally.

Stream and download ‘Personal Letters’ here, and find out more about Ida Laurberg and her music online on Instagram, and Facebook.

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