‘Emotional Rodeo’: Janet Devlin Is On Fire With Ravishing Country-Rock Single

There’s a new country-rock girl on the block, none other than the electrifying songstress Janet Devlin. Fiercely inviting us into her upcoming Americana-inspired album, her new instant hit ‘Emotional Rodeo’ explores the effects of Borderline Personality Disorder, fearlessly magnifying its and ups and downs. 

Embedded with humour-tinged lyrics and an unwavering confidence, ‘Emotional Rodeo’ is nothing short of a modernized country-rock classic, infusing the melodic influence of Chris Stapleton with the raw energy of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Driven by a chaotic blend of seething guitar solos, crashing drums and a turbulent fiddle, the track mirrors the genre’s traditions yet embarks on a modern twist with a truly infectious spirit. 

Janet Devlin - Emotional Rodeo (Official Video)

Janet is a renowned advocate for mental health, which she explored in her latest album, ‘Confessional.’ With ‘Emotional Rodeo’, the singer-songwriter expertly uses this uplifting number to re-own her mental health, celebrate acceptance and spread awareness. With a chorus that killer, it’s no wonder the artist has accelerated to #34 in the UK Top 40 and reached #4 on the iTunes Country Chart.

Enter the wild word of ‘Emotional Rodeo’ now.

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