Engelbert Humperdinck Releases New EP, ‘Sentiments’

As the world buckled down with COVID-19, iconic vocalist Engelbert Humperdinck had to adjust to the shifting restrictions provided by the pandemic. With his 2020 worldwide tour cancelled, Engelbert insisted on getting new music to his myriad of fans who were upset about missing the “King of Romance” do his thing. In lieu of the tour, he opted to use his time off the road to record ‘Sentiments’, a new EP out now via OK! Good Records.

Janet Devlin Announces 115th Ticketed Online Concert On Stageit

As is evident by the number of concerts Janet has already performed on the online concert platform StageIt, she is ahead of the curve with the oncoming trend of artists performing concerts online. For a number of years Janet has been treating her most supportive fans, often referred to as the ‘Do-Crew’, to live performances from her studio, with two streams on each designated day enabling fans in Europe and America to catch concerts convenient to their time zones.

Janet Devlin Mourns The Loss Of ‘Honest Men’ With New Single

Sobering anti-ballad ‘Honest Men’ is the third single from Janet Devlin’s upcoming concept album, ‘Confessional’, set for release in May, and has been self-penned by the 25-year-old Irish singer-songwriter. If ever a song was to speak so timely of its age then Janet Devlin’s ‘Honest Men’ is the shattered black mirror reflection these dark days deserve. As bleak as it is bewitching, and as stark as it is sorrowful, ‘Honest Men’ is the evidence that Janet has already lived more lifetimes than most.