‘Life With You’: Kelsey Hart Reveals Killer Debut Album

Curb Records artist Kelsey Hart has kicked off summer with the release of his glorious debut album, ‘Life With You’. Reflecting passionately on everything from love, family and whirlwind romance, this sublime country debut is sure to resonate with fans and audiences worldwide. 

Renowned for his continual rise in the scene, hits such as ‘Burn My Summer’ evokes the indisputable energy of country-pop meets rock. The track is bold and captivating as it is reckless, reaffirming the trailblazing power of his music. Having brewed a storm on social media prior to its release, it is certainly en route to become the summer hit to remember. 

The highlight is undoubtedly the lead release, the heartfelt ‘Life With You.’ Introducing the autobiographical narrative with his sincere vocal delivery, the artist is delving into the traditional aspects of the genre and re-introducing them to the modern landscape. 

Listen to ‘Life With You’ now:

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