How To Embrace Your Nerdy Habits

There was a time, especially prevalent throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and even early 2000s, when being a nerd was seen as a bad thing. Never mind most of us used technology for life convenience that had been exclusively designed and maintained by nerds, nor that most people were fans of franchises like Star Wars and sci-fi epics like Alien in theatres – to be seen as a nerd was to be disconnected from “mainstream” culture or even actively hostile to it.

How much has changed since then, and absolutely for the better? Now, celebrities such as Meghan thee Stallion, or Michael B. Jordan actively talk about how much anime they watch, Travis Scott is hosting concerts in games like Fortnite, and the intermingling of creative industries has never been more pronounced.

Put simply – being a nerd is not only a good thing, it’s considered the default. That’s a healthy change, because after all – what was the problem to begin with? Appreciating a franchise or having fun with fantasy was never a morally bankrupt thing to do. So, if you still have the limited vestiges of guilt for enjoying your nerdy habits, it can be nice to break out of that a little.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to announce your nerdy habits to the world, or at the very least realize embracing them, despite whatever you were told in childhood, can be a wonderful thing indeed:

Share Gaming Content

Gaming has become such a massive part of our culture to the point where people really do have a lot to say about it, and there’s no shame in indulging in those conversations. There’s alot to speak about too, from classic retro games and their place in the modern market (as well as hunting down old copies for big investment rewards, the latest AAA gaming trends, or anything in between, so why not start sharing your experiences more openly? 

You could consider starting a gaming blog or vlog, where you review new releases, share walkthroughs, or simply discuss your thoughts and feelings about your favorite titles. YOu’d be amazed just how much content there is out there, from people documenting speedrunning attempts to talking about the social politics in a title (though this can be quite an abrasive topic to deal with online).

Alternatively, streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming can be an incredibly fun way to connect with other gamers like you and even build a community around your passion. While it’s certainly nowhere near the norm, some people have even managed to sustain careers from this approach.

Write About Your Experiences

Of course, gaming doesn’t have to be your primary nerdy interest, but fear not – there are countless other avenues to explore. Perhaps you’re a die-hard fan of a particular book series, comic universe, or television show. In that case, you might find it therapeutic and enjoyable to start a blog or join online forums dedicated to your beloved franchise. 

Writing about your experiences, theories, and even little reviews can be a fantastic way to connect with others who share your enthusiasm, especially if you’re in the mid-series and you just have to let people know about your theories.

Just be careful, because sometimes it’s quite easy to take your frustrations into online communities and hang out with other people who might not be as joyous to deal with. There are huge communities that talk about how poor the Star Wars sequels were all day, and that might even be an opinion you share. Criticism isn’t at all a bad thing. But sometimes, if you spend more time talking about what you dislike than what you like, it can have a corrosive effect on your outlook.

Sometimes, it’s best to just focus on fun and joy in your free time.

Introduce Your Family To Your Hobbies

For many of us, our nerdy habits can feel like a deeply personal and sometimes solo pursuit. However, there’s no reason why you can’t bring your loved ones into the discussion and answer any questions they have.

To start, why not suggest having a family game night, where you can introduce your relatives to your favorite board games, video games, or tabletop role-playing adventures? Not only could this be a fantastic bonding experience, but it might also help them understand and appreciate the things that bring you joy – perhaps understanding why you like to sit in front of the computer every other night for a couple of hours to unwind. 

Who knows, you might just convert them into fellow nerds in the process! With so many co-operatiev games out there, you could even play through a story together and have a blast doing so also. It may take a little time for them to adapt to the controls, but with easy modes and casual games, there’s no need for them to feel pressured.

Attend Fun Nerdy Conventions

One of the most exciting aspects of embracing your nerdy side is heading to conventions filled to the brim with people almost exactly like you.

That might involve a massive comic convention, a gaming expo, or a more niche gathering focused on a specific franchise or hobby such as Gencon for board games. Maybe it’s nothing to do with media of this sort, but a practice like knitting or even classic cars. 

These events can be an absolute blast. They provide a chance to immerse yourself in the things you love, but you’ll also have the real opportunity to meet and connect with countless other like-minded people worth knowing and having fun with. 

Who knows, you might even make some lifelong friends or discover new interests along the way – or even get involved in competitions. Maybe you’ll learn something new. It all counts, and it all has a positive effect. It also allows your nerd-dom to be something that you encounter in the real world, not just at home.

Try Your Hand At Cosplay

For many nerds, cosplay – which is the fun art of creating and wearing costumes inspired by characters you enjoy from your favorite franchise  – can be an incredibly rewarding and creative pursuit. 

Of course, this directly ties into our advice about attending conventions, because many people dress up for them. People tend to associate cosplay with anime, which you may not be into. But that doesn’t matter. You can dress up like your favorite characters from franchises like Baldur’s Gate, Halo, to Half-Life, to Gears of War, to whatever else you find most appealing. There are limited rules for what you get to experience, so don’t be afraid to try something new and fun.

Outside of the usual gaming associations, cosplay could just be about tailoring outfits you like and learning to put a costume together – it’s no different to what we might do for Halloween, only this time with a newer theme.

Enjoy Those Childhood Joys

Many of our nerdy interests can be traced back to the areas that captured our imaginations as children. While you might not necessarily involve yourself in everything you liked as a child, it’s nice to go back from time to time to see your old collections.

That might involve a beloved book series, a classic video game, or a cherished animated film, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy those childhood joys well into adulthood. Perhaps you could even pass them on to your own children. Maybe you’ll find a huge card collection in the attic that could even hold some value now.

In fact, revisiting the things that first sparked your love for a particular interest can be a nostalgic effort, and feel quite rewarding as a result. It can help you reclaim your love and see how your tastes evolved. It’s a nice way to learn more about yourself.

Try Productive Gaming Or Art Hobbies

While some may view gaming or other nerdy pursuits as just recreational or distractions, the truth is that many of these hobbies can be incredibly productive and educational. For example, certain video games can help improve problem-solving skills as chess is known to do, or improve that hand-eye coordination and even strategic thinking. 

Of course, the surrounding disciplines on top of this, like engaging in creative hobbies such as drawing, writing, or even coding your own small project can be fantastic ways to practice your artistic talents and potentially even develop skills for future careers. You’ll likely have noticed even fitness apps have gamified their routines. Sometimes being a nerd really comes in useful.

Expand Your Learning & Knowledge Of Other Genres

One of the beautiful things about embracing your nerdy side is that it can often lead you down unexpected paths learning about others’ habits and hobbies. 

For example, maybe you’ve never tried reading manga before, but with a great series like Berserk you think it could be a good idea. Or, maybe you’ve decided to port your interest into other practices and skills, nerding out about home cooking or baking. When all is said and done, being a nerd is just about appreciating excellent practices and having fun with them.

People who can do that are wonderful to be around. So why not express yourself without apology?

With this advice, we hope you can take some pride in your nerd credentials.

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