Top Gaming Influencers of 2020

Thanks to the way technology is growing, more and more people now have access to a host of online content. For the videogame industry, this means more eyes available for streaming platforms that already attract huge numbers of viewers each day. According to the 2019 State of Streaming report, last year alone viewers watched about 1.5 million years’ worth of live streams, and the number is only expected to grow.

One of the key reasons why live streams and other video game content is so popular is that there is something for everyone. From tournaments featuring the top players in their respective games to streamers who focus on entertainment rather than gameplay, there is sure to be something to capture the attention of any viewer. There are even some streamers who focus on less-known genres of videogames.

One such streamer is LetsGiveItASpin, a casino-game focused streamer who streams himself playing casino games from one of the recognized leaders in modern gambling – Playtech. The world’s largest supplier of iGaming titles, Playtech may be best known for its huge range of feature-rich slot games titles and high-tech and engaging graphics, aspects that streamers can use to keep their viewers immersed in the stream.

Streamers and content creators who can capture their audience’s attention and keep them coming back for more have huge sway over their audiences with the term influencer used to describe many of the most popular videogame content creators. In this list, we break down just five of the top video game influencers of the year, in no particular order.


Ninja is one of the most talked-about video game influencers of the year. While Ninja may attribute his rise to stardom to his skills at Fortnite, having become one of TwitchTV’s biggest stars thanks to his undeniable skill at the game and the ability to grow his viewer base, he is best known in some circles as the star who couldn’t save Mixer. A streaming platform that aimed to be a rival to TwitchTV, Mixer tried to bolster their own offering of streamers by signing an exclusive deal with Ninja where the streamer would reportedly earn as much as $30 million. However, despite having exclusive rights to the former TwitchTV golden boy, as well as a host of other big names, including well-known CS:GO streamer Shroud, unfortunately, Mixer was shut down on July 22 following lackluster performance and an inability to keep up with other streaming platforms.

Following the move to Mixer and then its closure, Ninja bumped around between platforms for a while before ultimately signing a multiyear deal with his original platform of choice, TwitchTV, where he now streams Valorant, Fortnite, and Dead by Daylight almost daily to his more than 16 million subscribers.


Videogamedunkey, or just Dunkey, has been creating content since 2003 and has over 6.41 million subscribers on YouTube. While his videos are made to elicit a chuckle, Dunkey’s in-depth knowledge of the video game industry allows him to poke fun at more serious topics as well as some of the more lighter moments that come with playing video games on the regular. Some of Dunkey’s most viewed videos include Ultimate Skyrim, which shows off some of the more hilarious Skyrim mods available for download, as well as a video featuring the antics of one of Nintendo’s biggest earners in Legend of Zelda: Donkey Breath.

One of Dunkey’s most popular series is dunkview, the Dunkey take on the gaming review that can make even the most boring game look and sound like a must-buy title. Some of the games with a dunkview include GTA 5, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Kingdom Hearts 3.


One of the most popular female videogame content creators on the internet, iHasCupquake, or just Cupquake as she is known, has been creating content since 2010 but she first rose to influencer stardom thanks to her series based around one of the most popular games on the planet, Minecraft, which earned her the title of “Gamer Hero” in some circles.

As a variety streamer, Cupquake releases gameplay content on TwitchTV and YouTube as well as content that focuses on other aspects of the videogame industry, such as cosplay. She also has a separate YouTube channel that focuses on beauty, fashion, and other lifestyle content, which has made her popular in sectors other than video gaming.


One of the most recognized video game influencers of our time, Syndicate is a long-time creator who specializes in creating gaming-commentary videos as well as other gaming-related content. Having gained his fame as a Halo and Modern Warfare 2 player, Syndicate cemented his stardom with the release of The Minecraft Project, a series dedicated to the block-based hit that started in 2011 and is still going today. Extending his reach past video game fans, Syndicate is also known for voicing the character of Loki in the mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy


Unlike most of the other influencers on our list, Alpharad did not gain fame thanks to his ability to play games, although he is quite skilled, but rather his ability to make funny gaming videos with the creator even listing himself as a “licensed internet funnyman” on his YouTube channel. Most of Alpharad’s content features popular Nintendo games like Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. with Alpharad’s most popular video on YouTube featuring a series of Super Smash Bros. matches that showcase the humor behind his content. Other popular videos on Alpharad’s channel include Can You Beat Pokémon Emerald with ONLY Mudkip with 9 million views and Super Mario Odyssey: The Supercut with 8.7 million views.

These are just some of the video game industry’s leading influencers of 2020, but there are always new stars waiting in the wings for their chance at internet fame. With the release of new consoles for both Sony and Microsoft coming in a tough economic time, the chance for streamers and creators to capitalize on allowing viewers the opportunity to experience the new technology without spending money on a new console should open up a whole new set of possibilities.

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