Online Bingo Gaming And Pop: A Creative Combination

Being creative within the world of pop music means a constant search for inspiration. Being stuck with a mental block is always a problem that all artists have to face, so being open to something new is fundamental to our personal growth. Sometimes this inspiration can come from other music, other times from people or places, and, occasionally, it is born from avenues we wouldn’t traditionally expect.

For this article, we want to look at online bingo as one such odd example of how musical stimulation came come from unusual places, both directly and indirectly. Properly leveraged, and approached with an open mind, understanding these components can help in ways you might not expect, both within the musical sphere and beyond.

The Act of Relaxation

When creating artistic media, it’s easy for us to hit a wall. Sometimes we can lose a train of thought, other times a mood shift can leave us unable to channel a particular emotion, but perhaps most commonly, we can simply be overworked. Whether through frustration or feelings of laziness, we can attempt to force ourselves through artistic blocks, only leading to compromised overall work.

In this way, the best way to get back on track can be to go off the rails. By freeing your conscious mind, it can be possible to let the unconscious pick up some of the slack. The machine that is your mind needs time to recharge now and then, but recharging can also facilitate inspiration.

While there are many potential ways to do this, let’s say your avenue is to play bingo games online. Games like House of Mirrors, Dodgems, and Grease Room are special in that, while they are engaging, they’re also not overwhelmingly demanding or taxing.

With bright colours and catchy music, these forms of entertainment can allow us to ride the line between activity and relaxation, which can put us in a highly receptive state. Of course, there could be any number of similar activities which could help you accomplish the same goal, but this should give some indication of just how broad it is possible to go.

Building Creative Experience

More directly, there are other possibilities from online bingo games on the creative front. Almost all of these bingo games require input from musicians, and by seeking out employment in this scenario, it can be possible to add a great deal of flexibility into your music work.

If you’ve created, or are trying to create, a pop song, you know that a single requires a lot of continuous and connected work. Creating music for smaller projects, like those from online bingo games, can act as a sort of microcosm in this regard, allowing musicians to build skills, while not overwhelming them. Different pursuits than what you would regularly choose can also help to take you out of your comfort zone, which can aid in building skills that might otherwise go underdeveloped.

Small Bedroom Studio by dejankrsmanovic, on Flickr

As unfortunate as it is, there is no simple cure for when we draw artistic blanks. The right medicine will depend on the person, it’s just a matter of finding what works for you. With that in mind, consider the small the likes of online bingo as we’ve done today.

Whether using it to engage and relax your mind away from your block, or working directly to build skill, this one example shows just how broad sources of inspiration can be. Rather than obsess over a problem, consider addressing it indirectly, and you might be surprised at what the unconscious you, has to offer.

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