Premiere: Maryland Artist devoN Nickoles Is No Longer Chasing That ‘Gold Star’ With Her New Single

Based in Maryland, rising artist devoN Nickoles fuses her inspirations into her very own style with new single, ‘Gold Star’.

A veteran of the music industry, honing her craft through years of performing every weekend right up until 2020, devoN, like so many other artists, was faced with the challenge of how to continue to pursue her musical dreams when confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of this turmoil has been channelled into her new single, ‘Gold Star’, which sees her reflecting on what her dreams really meant.

Inspired by a poem on Instagram, devoN considered the simplicity of the gold star we aim for as children, the recognition, the acknowledgement, epitomised in a simple sticker. What does it really mean? Is the gold star really worth it? Sure, we’re happy when we get it, but is it lasting happiness, or rather, do we feel the need to continue chasing the next one?

Serving as a significant milestone in devoN’s musical journey, ‘Gold Star’ is her first project that’s been forged from her personal expression, rather than the expectations of external forces. It is effectively a meta recognition of not needing to chase those gold stars, while singing about the very same thing.

A deeply introspective song like ‘Gold Star’ needs a significantly introspective music video, and that’s exactly what devoN and her team have given us. Collaborating with similarly motivated people, including some who are currently studying videography, the clip for ‘Gold Star’ is otherworldly, and showcases devoN’s artistic evolution, from the start right up to the present. Set in gorgeous forest glades, it explore themes of self-discovery, along with the very duality of human nature, and at the same time giving the viewer a surreal experience, with an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ vibe.

Watch the beautiful music video for ‘Gold Star’ below, and find out more about devoN Nickoles and her music online on her official website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,

devoN Nickoles - Gold Star (Official Music Video)

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