NEW VIDEO: Rachael Sage Reveals New Video ‘Deepest Dark’

The remarkable poet-meets-songwriter Rachael Sage returns with the sweeping, heartfelt “Deepest Dark” from her full-length studio album “The Other Side”. A harmonious combination of gentle Americana, velvety vocals and thoughtful lyrics on friendship, this mellow number is a stand-out track. With a subtly melodic hook seeping throughout and stripped-back acoustic instrumentation, Sage is simplifying what she does best. 

In reflection of the writing process, Sage mainly drew inspiration from cult favourite. ‘Stranger Things’ –

“I essentially included it as a tribute to these inedible characters whose loyalty to one and other and profound connection across bizarre and fearsome obstacles became the cultural zeitgeist we all needed.”  The sweet nature of “Deepest Dark” certainly mirrors the warm, familiar essence of the characters many of us know and love, combined with words that beautifully describe unconditional friendship – “And if I call you / You will come to me tonight / Even though everyone is sleeping / Even though the deepest dark is still in sight.”

Met with Rachael’s unique, soft vocal delivery, “Deepest Dark” is a perfect example of her carefully crafted take on classic folk, which serves a dynamic addition to her acclaimed studio albums that established her as a six-time independent music award-winning artist. 

Watch the video for “Deepest Dark” here.

Rachael Sage - "Deepest Dark" (Official Music Video)

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