A music press release is essentially an advertisement about you. It is sent to the platforms you want to help get your music out there. Examples of information you want shared include a concert, event, single, EP, album, tour dates or a music video.

Catchy Title

Always include a catchy title! Get your main point across to us about what you are doing. For example ‘New Hope Club Release Brand New Single, ‘Let Me Down Slow’, With R3HAB‘. The title has stated the point, their collaboration, short but sweet and straight to the point.

Art work Or High Quality Press Image

Have you got art work such as your album or single cover that we can put in the article to give us an image of what your release will look like? Maybe a picture you really liked from a photo shoot? A visual in a press release is important to catch the reader’s attention.

The 5 Ws

Who, what, why, where, when? Who are you, what’s your background in music, let’s be able to personally get to know you, what are you trying to promote in your press release, when are we expecting to see this, where are we able to get up to date information or tickets for your newest show, and why shall we review your music? Give us some background in what you’re trying to achieve with this EP, album, single or show. Straight to the point but also highlight your accomplishments from past shows or previous releases if you have any.


Has anyone else reviewed your music or show? Give us some quotes about who wrote what. Everyone likes a review quote because it gives us something else to add to our article. Put together a portfolio of what journalists, bloggers, influencers have given you a review so you can collect some quotes that they have said, this can also give you some more opportunities with bigger news outlets.

Quotes From Yourself

Make sure to add some lyrics or give us a sneak peek of what we can expect from the song or album. Maybe include one of your favourite lyrics and what it means to you. It can make the press release a bit more personal. Perhaps share a background to why you wrote this single/album.

Upcoming Dates

Have you got any upcoming shows or tours? Include it in your press release so you can promote that also. Having shows/tours to promote can also be added to an article. Make sure to include all the details.


Make sure to leave clear links to any social media pages and where we can find your new/old music, so we can check it out easily and link your socials in the articles.


Leave any contact information for you or your management so if we do need additional information we can contact you easily. For example ‘For more information, to set up an interview, to review my tour date or any other photos please contact…make sure you include your management email too!

I hope these tips help you write your first press release or update your press release for people to read and get your music out there.

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