Amaris – ‘Neon Colors’

Multi-faceted Amaris Wenceslas was born in The Netherlands in 1991 and grew up in Switzerland. A producer, singer, author and actress, she is behind Ámaris, and Geiko, a female electronic dance music project, who released their first album in 2014. Amaris released two albums in 2017, at the same time – ‘The Hollow’, for Geiko, and ‘Neon Colors’, her first step into a newer, poppier direction.

With a voice reminscent of Björk, Amaris launches into her album with the folky, mellow, ambient ‘Deep Into Space’. Amaris’ vocals are strong and powerful, serving as a foretaste of what to expect from the rest of ‘Neon Colors’. This strength, with lead voice placed ever so gently over the backing vocals, continues throughout the remainder of the 11 track album. ‘Unsigned’ is upbeat and poppy, while ‘Critical Orbit’ is synthy and ethereal, fitting with the space theme of the song. ‘Bassline’ does exactly what you’d expect from the title, the bassline comes to the forefront, while track 5, ‘You Don’t Know My Heart’, is drums and percussion heavy, again, in keeping with the title in the idea of a beating heart. There’s an overwhelming Eastern vibe to the album, which is very pleasing.

There’s a space theme throughout the album, which won’t to be surprising to anyone who has read her blog, where Amaris  has written about extraterrestrial life. Amaris trained at drama school, and at stage and musical school in Frankfurt, Germany, graduating in drama, dance, and classical singing. She made her debut as a theatre actress in 2011, performing in plays such as Neil Simon’s ‘Jake’s Women’. Once she completed drama school, Amaris studied Finance Management and Business Law.

In addition to her acting, blogging, and music, Amaris published her first novel, the sci-fi themed ‘The Chariots Of Orion 1: The Request’, which was released in 2017.

You can find out more about Amaris online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, Reverbnation, and YouTube. Listen to ‘Neon Colors’ here:


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