TV Presenter and Singer Stacey Jackson shines with inspiring book debut “How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom”

Multi-Award winning TV presenter, singer and entrepreneur Stacey Jackson is fitting another title under her belt with the release of her sensational first novel “How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me a Better Mom”. Based on Stacey’s sublime success story of chart-topping hits and collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, this heartwarming, humorous debut on resilience and motherhood will captivate readers and leave them with the undying message that it’s never too late to live your dreams. 

Shane MacGowan Announces First Ever Art Book, ‘The Eternal Buzz And The Crock Of Gold’

Musician, artist, frontman, creator and punk icon Shane MacGowan announces his first ever art folio book The Eternal Buzz and The Crock of Gold, published by Rain Street and Infinitum Nihil and due for release in April 2022. The limited edition book cracks open the door to a treasure trove of Shane’s sketches, paintings, self-portraits, wild impressionistic compositions and playful character studies, set alongside handwritten lyrics, stories, photographs and abstract snippets dating back to Shane’s childhood and journeying through six decades of punk and Irish revelry. 

Eighty Legendary Musicians Unite To Save The Planet In New Book: ‘Minds Behind The Music’ Features Artists Including Ian Anderson, Suzi Quatro, And Don McLean

‘Minds Behind the Music’ is a funny, thought-provoking and eye-opening new book, and is set for release tomorrow, 29 October 2021. The book, which has been written to raise awareness about the plight of Planet Earth, features an amazing line-up of over 80 legendary musicians, who were asked about a myriad of topics, including religion, aliens, politics and, most importantly, the critical issues around climate change.

Alex Woodard – ‘Halfway’ 

Acclaimed singer songwriter Alex Woodard is as much at home with a pen in his hand as he is when he’s standing strumming behind a guitar. A storyteller at heart whose songs are right up there with Springsteen and Mellencamp, Woodard is also a published author, so when he reaches his limit lyrically, he’s able to step in with his books, with each reinforcing the other. His latest series of essays, ‘Living Halfway’, finds its musical equivalent in his song, ‘Halfway’, a fan favourite that the artist has been singing on tour for several years now. Paired with ‘Living Halfway’, the song takes on a deeper meaning.

Janet Devlin Announces 115th Ticketed Online Concert On Stageit

As is evident by the number of concerts Janet has already performed on the online concert platform StageIt, she is ahead of the curve with the oncoming trend of artists performing concerts online. For a number of years Janet has been treating her most supportive fans, often referred to as the ‘Do-Crew’, to live performances from her studio, with two streams on each designated day enabling fans in Europe and America to catch concerts convenient to their time zones.

Alicia Keys Announces New Album ‘Alicia’ To Be Released Worldwide March 20 And Long Awaited Return

Global music icon and 15-time GRAMMY Award winner Alicia Keys announced ALICIA – THE WORLD TOUR, her highly anticipated return to the stage. Keys will bring her repertoire of worldwide hits to iconic venues across North America and Europe, including a stop at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in Key’s hometown of New York City. The celebrated singer/songwriter/producer will visit major cities on both continents including London, Paris, Berlin, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more on the tour produced by Live Nation.

Janet Devlin Mourns The Loss Of ‘Honest Men’ With New Single

Sobering anti-ballad ‘Honest Men’ is the third single from Janet Devlin’s upcoming concept album, ‘Confessional’, set for release in May, and has been self-penned by the 25-year-old Irish singer-songwriter. If ever a song was to speak so timely of its age then Janet Devlin’s ‘Honest Men’ is the shattered black mirror reflection these dark days deserve. As bleak as it is bewitching, and as stark as it is sorrowful, ‘Honest Men’ is the evidence that Janet has already lived more lifetimes than most.