We Speak With Dutch Producer Sebastian Lightfoot About New Single Ascension And His Music

If you’ve not already checked out Sebastian Lightfoot and his latest single, ‘Ascension‘, we recommend you do it now. Meanwhile, we’ve asked this incredible artist some questions, and dug deeper into what he’s all about.

Hi Sebastian, thank you for speaking to us!

Happy to reply 🙂

I’ve just listened to your single, ‘Ascension’, and I’m reminded of the music of Richard Clayderman, as well as the likes of Giorgio Moroder – it’s classical yet contemporary; traditional piano and modern keys. Who inspires you, and was there a point in your life where you thought you could do anything else – or has it always been music?

I am inspired by music artists: Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Geogio Moroder, Ennio Moricone, Danny Elfman.

I have always been interested in music making, video making and sound engineering, I never wanted to do anything else

I really enjoyed how well the video worked with the music – the instrumentals changed when the aliens arrived, and again when the aliens speak to the woman. It feels like there could be a whole film made around it! Who came up with the concept for the video?

On the song ”Ascension” I worked together with my musical brother David Alexander Lightfoot who is more spiritual and explained this, the video concept is from my creative mind. Yes indeed a whole movie would be fantastic and possible for sure should Hollywood be interested 😉

Who or what do you find most inspiring in your life? And why?

My family, movies, music, life experiences. It all helps me to tell stories through creating new music and video.

Similarly, has anyone given you a piece of advice that you’ve really treasured and applied to your life, and are you able to share it with us?

One of my teachers was Alan Parsons and his teachings were amazing, his sound technique and creating harmony in music (compositions) I still use today.

Is there a particular brand of instrument that you favour, and if so, why?

Piano, Keyboard (Synthesizer) / I can use this best for creating arrangements and specific instruments and sounds for my songs.

Your latest album, ‘PURE’, is your 10th studio album, and won the Music Academia Award in America for best instrumental album 2022. Do accolades spur you on, or do you just keep going, and not allow them to influence you?

Receiving awards helps but I will keep making music anyway. I do it because I love making music and do it for my fans also.

What’s next for Sebastian Lightfoot? What can fans expect?

New music single and music video release “El Dorado,” also taken from my latest album PURE.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what is the answer to that question?

Would you like to have your music placed in a major blockbuster movie or popular television series?

 Yes – writing a film score or theme for Tv series would be a dream come true.

Watch the music video for ‘Ascension’ below and find out more about Sebastian Lightfoot and his music online on his official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

Sebastian Lightfoot - Ascension, instrumental Pop (Official Music Video)

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