Dutch Producer Sebastian Lightfoot Sees Music As A Deep Conduit For Human Expression With New Instrumental Single, ‘Ascension’

Sebastian Lightfoot is a triple threat. The Dutch producer, composer, and musician has been composing music since the age of 12, and sees music as a tool for expressing human emotion, and thus making it possible to inspire, enlighten, and connect people from all walks of life. His new single, ‘Ascension’, is an instrumental piece which serves as the opening track from his new album, ‘Pure’, and comes with a striking music video.

Lightfoot draws inspiration from a wide range influences, as diverse as Hans Zimmer, Enya, and Giorgio Moroder. His most recent album, ‘Pure’, is the latest in his 10 album catalogue, and was released in collaboration with his brother David. Sebastian arranged incredible orchestrations around David’s poignant melodies, with his sincerity shining through, allowing an authentic storytelling. ‘Pure’ was written as an offering in order to awaken his listeners to a more creative and more harmonious consciousness, and new single ‘Ascension’ is the opening bridge, as it were, to the sublime.

The melody of ‘Ascension’, with its almost classically styled keyboards over a Moroder-style, echoing percussion, builds up in a sort of march towards peace, and a new understanding. Certainly influenced by 80s and 90s pop, the light layers of synths and strings are placed in a harmonious formation, leading up to the ultimate joyous conclusion.

This formation is continued in the music video for ‘Ascension’, which serves a further showcase for Lightfoot’s talents, this time for animation and conceptual storytelling. The female star of the clip maintains a happy outlook on life, despite being surrounded by a world of chaos. No matter who she encounters – whether it be people in her day to day life or the inhabitants of an alien spaceship, she still maintains her positive attitude, and happily joins them aboard their ship, setting forth to a new life on their planet.

Sebastian Lightfoot’s claim is that the video isn’t just fantasy, but rather,

“the true story of humanity ascending from the chaotic, controlling 3D world to the new world of 5D with love, peace, and abundance for all.”

While this might be difficult to understand, it could just as easily be said we could happily approach life with a kind curiosity, and by doing so we can ascend to a higher state of consciousness. And if we want to do that, Sebastian Lightfoot has provided the perfect soundtrack in his new single, ‘Ascension’.

Watch the music video for ‘Ascension’ below and find out more about Sebastian Lightfoot and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Sebastian Lightfoot - Ascension, instrumental Pop (Official Music Video)

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