Joe Bermudez Teams Up With Louise Carver On New Single And Hilarious Video, ‘Lose My Number’

EDM producer Bermudez puts the House in House Party in his new single, ‘Lose My Number’. The track, which sees him team up once again with vocalist and frequent collaborator Louise Carver, also comes with what is without one of the funniest music videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Joe Bermudez and Louise Carver had a hit back in 2016 with their single, ‘Sunrise’, which topped the Billboard Dance chart, and they followed that up 2 years later with ‘Crazy Enough’, which likewise had similar success. Can they do it a third time? If the video is anything to go by, we say an emphatic yes.

Louise Carver’s vocals are always on point and magnetic, and they’re no less so in ‘Lose My Number’. Bermudez meanwhile is in fine form with his beats, which add a disco vibe to otherwise old school House music rhythms.

Propulsive, eminently danceable beats, synths that snake their way down the octave, breakdowns that pull you in, and of course, Carver’s gorgeous vocals, make ‘Lose My Number’ a song that is catchy as all. In combination with music video however, it’s absolutely irresistible, and if MTV was anything like it used to be, would be the feature clip every hour.

Louise Carver is an established singer songwriter in her native South Africa, and she gives it her all in ‘Lose My Number’, as she sings about someone who is completely DONE with their former partner. The music video however is from Bermudez’s point of view, as he portrays the one sick of the ex; she keeps calling “loverboy” and he refuses to answer “crazy ex”. It gets to the point where he’s had ENOUGH and he goes to her house, discovers she’s asleep, and deletes his number from her phone. She doesn’t so much as lose his number as have it removed it from her.

Check out the hilarious music video for ‘Lose My Number’ below, and let us know if you see the tortoises! You can also check out our interview with Joe Bermudez here.

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Joe Bermudez & Louise Carver - Lose My Number (Official Music Video)

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