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Sandi Thom’s new single, ‘Earthquake’, is out on November 27, and she starts her UK tour this weekend. Before she sets off, we had the chance to ask some quick questions.

EP: Lovely to talk to you Sandi! First off – we hear congratulations are in order – you’re not just bringing out a baby album, but a baby human as well! When are you due?

ST: Ah thank you!! I’m due the first week in March, but if Baby B decides to make an early appearance then end of Feb : )

EP: So what have you been doing the past 9 years since your incredible debut album came out?

ST: Wow! Where do I start 🙂 Well if I was to tell you the whole story I might have your readers here for days! So in short, i moved to LA at the end of 2009, it was both a career move and a decision i made for personal reasons. I spent 3 years living in Malibu, and most recently spent a year living in West Hollywood. Musically speaking I set up my own label and distribution worldwide and decided to focus on just making music. I worked with Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa on my 3rd album ‘Merchants and Thieves’, and then went on to work with Rich Robinson and the legendary Buffy Sainte Marie on my 4th album ‘Flesh & Blood’. I also released an album of acoustic cover versions of Classic Rock hits which was a lot of fun! I’ve had the privilege of performing all over the world from Australia to America, all over Europe and even as far afield as places like Singapore and Dubai. One of my most defining moments was performing on stage with Brian May, John Paul Jones and Alice Cooper at the Royal Albert Hall. So as much as I have been out of the limelight for a long time now, I’ve definitely been busy! : )

EP: We love how powerful ‘Earthquake’ is. So much passion! Talk us through it. What’s behind the song?

ST: I wanted to write a song that everyone could relate to about my break up with my ex of 5 years, Joe Bonamassa. Joe made the choice to move out of the home we shared while I was on holiday with my family in Peru. Unbeknown to me I returned home to a half empty house, so standing in what felt like the ruins of our relationship I likened the feeling to being hit by an earthquake, when the whole world comes crashing down around you and you’re left in the aftermath of an emotional disaster to rebuild your life from the ground up. I know the feeling oh so well, so I knew it would be a song that could reach out to a lot of people who have been through that.

EP: What can fans expect from your new album, ‘Weapons of Past Destruction’? What does that title signify?

ST: The opener ’The Feeling’ is sassy, sexy and different, which segues into an almost Celtic sounding ballad called ‘Angel’. Earthquake is the 3rd track on the album, followed by a piece I wrote called ‘World War One’ written from the soldier’s perspective of being in a war. My favourites personally are ‘Earthquake’, ‘Look Up’, and ‘Ghosts’, which is set to be the 2nd single and is about letting go of your past. The whole album for me personally is about letting go of the past, hence the title, as I wrote and recorded each song, I moved further away from the sad, lonely, helpless person I had become in the aftermath of my break up, to someone who found themselves again, my confidence, my humour and my smile. So each one of them is a weapon of past destruction.

EP: You’re about to start your new UK tour. Will there be a mix of old and new songs, or is this strictly to promote the new album?

ST: Definitely a mix of old and new, I tend not to concentrate so much on always showcasing the new material, but finding a cool and unique way to blend the old with the new. So in some cases I revisit old songs and give them a fresh sound to come up to speed with the current sound. I’m working on the set just now and it’s sounding great!!

EP: Do you have any advice for those starting out in the music industry right now?

ST: Next year is the year to give it your all!! I predict that X Factor will bow out gracefully in 2016 making way once more for emerging artists to get signed to majors again. If you’re of the independent route then use the free advertising apps available like Periscope and Facebook mentions, priceless and free, the best way to reach a global fan base with no middle man.

EP: What music is really doing it for you at the moment? Who should we be listening to?

ST: In terms of known artists, I would give SIA a listen, she is quite unique, her voice is different and I love the production. If you want to discover an unknown artist check out my friend and fan’s first ever EP called ‘Insane & Loved’: her name is Eleanor Nelly.

EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

ST: If the ship was sinking and you could only save one person out of Lily Allen, Amy Macdonald and Paloma Faith, what kind of sandwich would you make yourself?? ; )

Find Sandi Thom online on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Preorder ‘Earthquake’ from iTunes.

Sandi Thom - Earthquake (Official Lyric Video) NEW SINGLE

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