Vallac Releases Latest Single, ‘Eternal Vibes’

Vallac is a producer and DJ who has just released his brand new single, ‘Eternal Vibes’. Vallac turned to making his own music back in March 2020 when his DJ sets were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so, having to deal with an everyday life that he’d not previously experienced, he decided to put his feelings into music.


It takes more than just a bit of production prowess to claim a Top 3 spot in 1001Tracklists’ Top 101 Producers Of 2021, and Kryder proves it with every record he puts out. Off the back of a series of stellar originals and standout remixes for York’s ‘On The Beach’ and Dragonette, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Cat Dealers and Bruno Martini’s ‘Summer Thing’, the U.K. dance phenomenon pushes the envelop again, unlocking his inner creator to deliver a true ‘Piece Of Art’ to Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label Armada Music.

Samer Releases Debut Single ‘I Love Angela Merkel’

Samer makes his debut with an homage to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. It might sound strange, until you realise he was a Syrian refugee who was given another chance to fulfil his dreams in Germany. The new single pulls no punches from the very start – entitled ‘I Love Angela Merkel’, the witty, energetic track is out on 30 July, and is destined to become a club anthem.

Craig James Releases Debut EP ‘Summer’

Craig James is an EDM producer whose music is as bright and summery as the title of his brand new EP. Out today, ‘Summer’ does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering sunshiney high energy that will see you right through the season – and even if the weather is miserable, ‘Summer’ will make it feel as though the clouds have disappeared.

The Arc In Space Releases Latest Single, ‘Everybody Wants The Acid’

Taking inspiration from the Acid House style of the 1990s, ‘Everybody Wants The Acid’ is the new single from artist and producer, The Arc In Space. The artist pays homage to Daft Punk, and other pioneers in the 90s dance music scene, and was recorded in isolation while the The Arc In Space was dreaming about returning to the dancefloor, and rediscovering the fun after a year spent away from it.

VR Vernon Rosser Releases Latest Single, ‘Let It Go’

Out now, ‘Let It Go’ is the latest single from dance artist, VR Vernon Rosser. Accompanied by a psychedelic music video, the upbeat rhythms of ‘Let It Go’ should set the tone of the summer we’re after this year, one of fun and a return to our carefree days.

Tommy Vice Releases Latest Single, ‘One Night’

EDM producer Tommy Vice has released his latest single, ‘One Night’. Featuring a female vocal, the track blends old school rock (think Fleetwood Mac) with House drum beats, while the addition of a tantalising guitar solo adds a blues element to the track.

Award Winning Angus Brill Reed Releases Latest Single ‘Nth Degree’

Angus Brill Reed, from Adelaide, Australia, may still only be 16 years old, but he’s packed a lot into those years. Not only did he win the EDM section of the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest with his single, ‘Cutting Corners’, he’s also been shortlisted for selection in Eurovision, won the title South Australian Young Pop Composer Of The Year two years in a row, and won a wide array of other national and international songwriting awards, including a top ten song in the Australian Songwriting Awards, ‘Gone’, released in May last year. He’s additionally appeared on national TV channels, ABC, and SBS.

Brandon Legacy Releases Latest Album, ‘Dimensions’

Based in San Antonio, Brandon Legacy is a UK hardcore dance producer, who cites as his major influences, Gammer, Darren Styles, and Fracus & Darwin. For his latest album, ‘Dimensions’, Brandon takes his inspiration from Drum and Bass, Pop, Trance, and Future Bass, while the title refers to the many different facets of the dance music genre.

SeeEyeGee Drops Latest Album ‘Welcome To Bellingham’

Bellingham, Washington State, is the hometown of producer SeeEyeGee, and it’s clearly a place close to his heart, as he pens a loveletter to the town in his new album, ‘Welcome To Bellingham’.

Sephi Hakubi Releases Latest Single ‘Once Upon A Space’

Set for release on December 19, ‘Once Upon A Space’ is a massive trance track by Sephi Hakubi. The artist took his inspiration from the feelings of awe and wonder he experienced from space and stars. 

Monet Releases Debut Single, ‘U R’

Chinese singer songwriter, Monet, has released the first single from his upcoming debut EP. ‘U R’, which was created in collaboration with Grammy nominated producer Simon Cohen, and ARIA charting producer and writer Jhay C. ‘U R’ was recorded in Sydney, at Studios 301.

Mike ‘The Force’ Drops Epic House Track ‘Living In The Moment’

Mike ‘The Force’ channels that 2010s Ibiza sound with his latest single, ‘Living In The Moment’. A sunshiney, upbeat house track, it calls to mind the classic sound of David Guetta, Avicii, and Afrojack. Mike’s talent with a wide variety of electronic styles shines through, and you’ll find yourself harking back to those carefree, pre-COVID days when you could escape and enjoy yourself freely.

Erik V Releases Explosive Latest Single, ‘One More Ride’

‘One More Ride’, from Erik V, was born out of lockdown as the producer saw iconic music venues having to close their doors due to COVID-19.

EDM Artist Amalia Kadis Releases Latest Album ‘I Found You’

Amalia Kadis is a Tokyo-based EDM artist, and her latest single, ‘I Found You’ is from her new album of the same name. Written during lockdown and recorded in the studio, Amalia did the mixing herself at home due to the rapidly escalating Covid-19 situation preventing her leaving the house. ‘I Found You’ is out through Aplux Records.

Damon Fletcher Releases Latest Single, ‘2 Miles’

EDM pop artist Damon Fletcher has released his fresh new single, ‘2 Miles’, inspired by his love for travel and itchy feet wanting to get out there. The fast paced track leaps out of the box with its high energy, the opening notes calling to mind other dance tracks (we get a hint of Kesha) while the sound is all Damon’s own.

Pop Duo neontown Releases Latest Single, ‘Electric’

Currently living in Leeds, but originally from Italy, pop duo neontown is made up of Aure and Jac, who met at uni where they had been working on individual solo projects. The pair came together with the aim of forging a place where everyone can shine – to be free in the music. ‘Electric’ is their latest track, and it’s a guaranteed dance floor smash.

Out Today: Pink Star Universe Releases Latest Single ‘Pyramids of El Salvador’

With their new single, ‘Pyramids Of El Salvador’, out today, indie dance group Pink Star Universe seek to draw attention to the horrific practice of child trafficking, with the aim of both raising awareness and saving the lives of further children.

Nii Co. Releases Latest Single, ‘In My Dreams’

NII CO. was previously signed to Warner Music Philippines and had released three singles with the label before rebranding himself as NII CO. The pop and future bass producer has released his latest single, ‘In My Dreams’, a song appropriate for these pandemic times, about the fear of loneliness, and the search for love and companionship.

Zarbo Releases Latest Single ‘Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)’

Originally released by power pop rock trio Zarbo back in the 80s, ‘Get Up And Dance’ has been given a new lease on life by the band in this new electro remix. 

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