Joe Bermudez Speaks With Us About New Single, ‘Lose My Number’, What’s Coming Up, And Wonders If We Have A Million Dollars

Joe Bermudez has made what must be the most fun music videos we’ve seen in a long time for his song, ‘Lose My Number’ (you can read our review about it here), and so we just had to ask him about it, as well as some other questions about his music and what’s coming up for him.

Hi Joe, thanks for speaking with us! 

I’ve been listening to your single, ‘Lose My Number’, which sees you collaborate with Louise Carver. You’ve worked together a number of times – how did that come about?

I first heard of Louise when I was on tour with David Guetta in South Africa.  I kept asking everyone I met who the best local singers were and am so thankful someone recommended her.  She has an amazing way of telling a story with every syllable she sings

‘Lose My Number’ is a bop and a half, there’s a distinct disco vibe to it as well as old school House. How did you come up with it, what instruments do you use in your compositions?

I like to try and build my tracks differently each time.  One time I’ll start with a kick and bass, then the next time the kick and the bass will be the last thing I add.  Changing up your workflow changes up the way you hear what elements are missing and makes you incorporate things you wouldn’t normally do. I’m a big fan of sneaking in guitars and piano into tracks too.  They are timeless sounds and I think help tracks have a longer shelf life than just having the “cool” synth of the moment.

I love the storyline of the music video – there’s lots to take in, from the gorgeous location, breaking into the house, the “crazy ex” and the “lover boy” names on the phones – even the tortoises getting it on…and the extremes gone to just to delete your number off her phone! It looked like it was a lot of fun to make! How did you come up with the concept?

I wanted something different than the typical dance video.  It took me a while to come up with the concept, but found inspiration from one of my favourite movies, Ocean’s Eleven.  The mansion is the real star of the video though.  Once we found the secret passageways I knew we were onto something.  We would just go room to room and were instantly inspired.  The tortoises lived there and were a happy accident.  Not something you could plan for…haha!

Where was it shot?

In Manchester By The Sea.  Yes that’s a real town…haha!  It’s where they also shot the Proposal and Daddy’s Home 2.

We’re coming out – hopefully – of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I’ve seen how it’s affected a lot of musical artists. How have you been impacted, and what lessons did you learn during that time, that you’ve brought with you into “normal” life?

It was really rough at first.  I was in a dark place like most, but managed to push through and started collaborating with people all over the world.  Getting back into some sort of routine helped my mental sanity a lot.  It was also really nice to spend time with my loved ones.  They are the ultimate support system and let me know that no matter what things would be ok.  Plus it was the first time I went to bed at a decent hour in a long long time…haha!

I make dance music myself, and so I’m always interested in hearing how others first started. What got you into it?

It was an accident.  I was doing radio production and was familiar with ProTools and editing, but had no musical knowledge whatsoever.  I visited some friends who were working at a music studio and was blown away by all the sweet gear and what they could do with it.  From that moment on I started watching tutorials and teaching myself in the hopes one day I could make something halfway decent.  Needless to say I’m still watching those tutorials…haha!

What made you choose EDM over say, pop, rock etc?

I like to think I chose all three.  I grew up on classic rock.  AC/DC was a huge influence on me.  It’s probably why I like using guitars so much in my music.  John “Mutt” Lange who produced them knew a thing or two about pop melodies as well.  He would later go on to produce the biggest country album of all time for Shania Twain.  And combining all these elements over an irresistible dance groove is what I like to do.

Who are your top three “go to” artists you need to listen to, and why? And who or what are you inspired by?

I’m obsessed with Ava Max, Charlie XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen.  They all have great concepts, unique rhymes and unforgettable melodies.  They have set the bar high for songwriting and inspire me to work harder every day to try to get to that level.

What’s next on the horizon for Joe Bermudez? What can fans expect?

More music!  And of course more music videos!!!  The next single is called ‘Tug Of War’.  This one was shot in a gym so the only thing I’ll be breaking into is a sweat…haha!  I don’t want to give too much away, but it will be the craziest spin class you’ve ever seen!!!

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, and what’s the answer to that question?

I wish an interviewer would ask me if I’d like them to give me a million dollars?  The answer is obviously yes…haha!

Read our review of ‘Lose My Number’ here. Follow Joe Bermudez online and find out more about the artist and his music on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You can watch the music video for ‘Lose My Number’ below.

Joe Bermudez & Louise Carver - Lose My Number (Official Music Video)

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