The High Plains Drifters Are Lamenting ‘The One That Got Away’ In Their Latest Single

The High Plains Drifters, from New York City, have taken to Trondheim, Norway, in the video for their latest song, ‘The One That Got Away’.

We’ve written about The High Plains Drifters before, with their single, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, which they released last year. Now they return, and their latest single is just as glorious and lovelorn as their previous release.

Trondheim isn’t exactly the furthest you can go in Norway, but it’s close. It’s 6 and a half hours north of Oslo, and basically it’s the last large area of civilisation. Trondheim is also a place unto itself, with its own style, architecture, rhythm, and light – its people are known to be among the most beautiful as well. It’s the kind of place you’d go to find somebody, or, even, to lose somebody.

Directed by Lars Skaland, the video for ‘The One That Got Away’ is glorious, and shows Trondheim at its most spectacular, and it serves as the ideal setting for a video about a romantic experience.

Singer and lyricist Larry Studnicky writes about the sort of passion that turns the world upside down, and the songs from The High Plains Drifters make the listener feel the rush of infatuation, the thrill of genuine togetherness, and the devastation of heartbreak – often all in the same song. With irresistible melodies, racing beats, and arrangements that are so cinematic that they set the scene and suit the epic emotions of the songs. While ‘The One That Got Away’ is a lament for a lost relationship, it’s still wistful, gorgeous, danceable, wholly relatable, and infinitely re-playable.

The lost girl in Skaland’s clip is played by Julie Louise Bjelke. She’s a native of Trondheim, so she looks perfectly at home, and she leads the viewer on a chase through the streets of town: over a bridge across a fjord, into the courtyard of the ancient churches and along streets lined with wooden buildings, straight to Downtown, with its fancy restaurants and beautiful hotels. Sometimes the camera searches for her and can’t find her and sometimes she re-emerges, like a butterfly, always fluttering, and delightful, but always destined to fly free.    

Click below to watch the video for ‘The One That Got Away’ and make sure you catch up with The High Plains Drifters and their music online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

The High Plains Drifters - The One That Got Away [Official Music Video]

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