Stokoff – ‘Fuego & Hielo’ 

Singer-songwriter Stokoff presents the opposite but elemental forces of both fire and ice in his latest single, ‘Fuego & Hielo’. There’s fiery passion right alongside poise that’s as cold as ice; he brings a blisteringly hot summer heat, that fits nicely against the late-night chill. He’s cooking with gas yet as cool as a cucumber.

This will come as no surprise to Stokoff’s fans of course,. who are ever growing in number. His career so far has been filled to the brim with seeming contradictions, which nonetheless fit perfectly together. Born in Germany, and raised in Colombia, Stokoff is nonetheless the absolute master of American country music, while singing in Spanish. His sound is as big as all of the great outdoors, while at the same time, he tells intimate, personal, and direct stories with his songs.

‘Fuego & Hielo’ sees Stokoff re-imagine Poison’s song; hard hitting on the one hand, yet propulsive, it’s in equal parts a road trip song, and a cosy night by the fire ballad. Pure country-rock; powerful and contemplative. You don’t have to understand the Spanish to get that the narrator of the song is heartbroken, and he’s finding a way to let go. When you’re finished being moved by the vocals, check out Stokoff’s guitar solo as well – but naturally, you’re never going to miss that!

The clip for ‘Fuego & Hielo’ is simple, and uncomplicated, just the man and his six string, in a giant abandoned factory. He’s strumming, and singing, and making no attempt to put any gloss on his pain; he’s caught between fire and ice, and fully aware of the rocky road he’s on.

Watch the video for ‘Fuego & Hielo’ below, and let us know what you think. You can find out more about Stokoff, and his music, online on his official website.

Fuego & Hielo

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