Female Electro-Pop Duo HANNIE Set To Return With ‘Drama’ On January 25th

Female electro-pop duo HANNIE are set to return with pop anthem ‘Drama’ on January 25th. The duo consisting of Hannah Koppenburg and Annie Wagstaff get candid about the message behind their upcoming track, the light-heartedness they want to convey with their music, their future plans and the curious scenario of UFOs coming down to invite them to space.

What was the inspiration/message behind ‘Drama’?

We’ve all experienced Drama with a person we like or we were close to before. It’s the typical situation of been jealous, not being able to 100% trust the other one and not knowing what’s actually going on. The message we want to bring across is that it is sometimes better to move on from those bad relationships.

What was the recording process for it like?

It was such fun. We wrote the song with Hicari which are Shai and Ryan, the two of them came round to our studio and we wrote the song that afternoon. Later on we played the demo to Isaiah and he came up with the rap over the Middle 8 in literally a heartbeat which was awesome. We ended up taking the track to a friend of us, Embody who’s an insane producer and he stepped our production up massively. We just spent two days in the studio with him, playing around with all the different parts and had a great time. One BV part was even recorded on a voice memo on one of our iPhones and ended up on the track!

How would you describe your sound? And how has it evolved?

The closest you can describe it is funky electronic pop I guess. Our melodies and lyrics are pretty poppy but then there’s always that funky guitar going on and quite a lot of synth sounds. But then we never want to stick to one particular sound, if we love it and it feels right it’s right!

Who inspires you, professionally and on a personal level?

Professionally definitely some of the great writers and artists out there. People like Julia Michaels, Ryan Tedder and Mø are up there.
On a personal level it’s some of our friends and people we work with, it’s about those deep conversations about literally anything you can have when you’re writing with some people and your friends, that really inspire us!

If listeners could take one message from your music what would you want that to be?

Have fun, live while you’re young and don’t take life too serious!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would that be and why?

That’s a hard question. There would be so many amazing people we’d love to collab with but if it could be anyone we’d probably choose Calvin Harris! He always manages to come up with things that are super original and make everyone go mad!

What’s been a really major career highlight? And what’s next?

The biggest highlight for us to be able to release the songs that we’ve written but then have people actually listen to them and sending us videos of when they’ve heard them play when shopping or at the cinema, that’s just crazy! What’s next? Good question! Definitely more songs this year and also more live shows! You can definitely catch us play around London in the next month!

What’s one question no one asks in an interview you wish you were asked?

What would you do if the ceiling opened, a UFO landed, a ladder came down and two aliens invited you to come to Space with you, they’d show you things you can’t even imagine but you’d never be able to come back to earth, would you go?
Annie: no way there’s too much I still want to do here on Earth!

Hannah: I couldn’t say no to this, I think I could never live my life like it was if I turned something like this down and I’d just need to experience this for humanity! 😀

What’s one song on your personal playlist that you’ve had on repeat recently and why?

I’m loving Soleima at the moment. Especially her song ‘Low Life’, it’s just super nice and the lyrics are great!

Listen to ‘Drama’ ft Isaiah Dreads & Hicari below:

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