Jonny Ong Releases The Existential Video For Psychedelic Track, ‘Fools’

‘Fools’ is the latest track to see Jonny Ong melding East and West philosophies and musical influences in his astute observations of the human condition.

The music video, linked below, is an existential visual to accompany this indictment of humanity’s shortcomings. In it, we see Jonny Ong following  a woman through forests and city streets. No matter how close he gets, she always remains just outside of his reach. This is the perfect metaphor for the mistakes humans make in the quest for happiness and perfection – always reaching for something more rather than being comfortable with what we have.

The performance sections of this video feature Ong playing his signature instrument – a handpan – and his bandmate playing a heartbreaking trumpet solo. There’s something eerie about the location – an empty hotel.

Themes of movement and impermanence pervade, and the track and the video take on a haunting quality alongside the emotive instrumentation.

You can watch the video below and also look out for Jonny Ong on his socials to stay up to date!

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