Kajagoogoo Star Limahl Releases ‘One Wish For Christmas’

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, Selfridge’s for shopping, cocktails in Mayfair, the chimes of Big Ben from a boat trip on the Thames, a West End show, a midnight spin on the London Eye, passing out in front of The Holiday after three bottles of Baileys…this is Christmas, Limahl-style. (OK, one of those may not be true.)

It’s the ultimate festive fun-list, perhaps not quite so on-the-menu this year, what with… please, don’t make us say it. But London Town at Yuletide is what’s inspired Limahl’s addition to that most sacred of musical genres, the Christmas single.

It’s called ‘One Wish For Christmas’, and it’s so full of schmaltz and cheer it will have you reaching for the mulled wine from the very first jingle bell.

Watch the video for ‘One Wish For Christmas’ below:


Eighties legend Limahl first had the idea for a Christmas tune seven years ago, but 2020 – and all its ups and downs and even more downs – got him to thinking about the stuff that really matters.

‘I was very happy with the song,’ the former Kajagoogoo front-man reveals. ‘However, this year during COVID, I was thinking about the lyrics and how they have more value and poignancy because they talk about the many things we’re all unable to do, so we decided to revisit the production.’

‘We’ being jazz singer and pianist Jon Nickoll as well as musician and producer Ian Curnow, who worked his holiday magic on East 17’s Christmas classic ‘Stay Another Day’ – so they know their festive schizz.

‘One Wish For Christmas’ is a massive end-of-year exhale, a piece of holiday magic that twinkles and glows and fills your heart with cheer… which is everything we need right now, right?

Find Limahl online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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