The Essential Advent Calendar: December 25 – The Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York, Children’s Choir Moloda Dumka and Acclaimed Conductor/Arranger Vasyl Hrechynsky Team Up with Haley & Michaels For ‘Shchedryk – Carol of the Bells

It’s Christmas Day December 25 and we’ve reached the final door of our Essential Advent Calendar. As we open the door we reveal The Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York, alongside conductor Vasyl Hrechynsky and Haley & Michaels, all of whom have teamed up to pay tribute to the 100 year anniversary of ‘Carol of the Bells,’ which was based on the Ukrainian song, ‘Shchedryk.’

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 14 – Tenacious Country Music Newcomer Annie Vander Gets into the Holiday Spirit with a Lighthearted Original Tune, ‘King Of Christmas’

Tenacious country music newcomer Annie Vander is behind door number 14, with her festive original tune, ‘King Of Christmas’. Annie shows her excitement for the holiday season with her shining vocals and infectious personality, which are evident throughout this delightful tune that’s guaranteed to put every listener in the holiday spirit.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 13 – DIY Rock Farmers The Inspector Cluzo Fight For Agro-Ecology With Song, ‘Swallows’

We’re taking a slight change in direction for Day 13 of the 2022 Essential Advent Calendar. Our door opens on The Inspector Cluzo, a pair of farmers from the Gascony region in France, who are also a long-established rock-blues duo, who began in 2008. Their latest single, ‘Swallows’, which is accompanied by a stunning aminated single, comes from their upcoming ninth studio album, ‘Horizon’, set for release on January 27, 2023.