Shawna Linzy Shares With Us Her Thoughts On Her Music, Her Inspirations, And New Festive Single, ‘Silent Night’

Shawna Linzy is an up and coming singer-songwriter, who is following her dreams and making the very best she can of life.

Growing up in a musical household in Arkansas, Linzy’s vocal prowess was discovered at the age of three by her mother, and Linzy’s parents encouraged supported her talent, with her father giving her vocal training. At 11 Linzy won her first talent show, singing the Whitney Houston classic, ‘The Greatest Love of All’. From there she set out as as a travelling artist, booking performances and gracing stages in competitions and pageants nationwide.

Now, academically trained in vocal performance and with a catalogue of songs ready to be released, she’s introducing the world to her incredible vocals and heartfelt storytelling. Whether shes’ performing Off-Broadway, or winning the Inaugural JB Dondolo Music for Water Song of the Year Award, Linzy brings with her a sense of grace, gratitude, and faith in her presence and performances.

Shawna Linzy’s latest single, a rendition of the holiday classic, ‘Silent Night’, is a spirited treatment of the tune. The dramatic composition, arranged by Jim Ellis, sees Linzy patiently navigate the melodies and meanings of the special moments commemorated in this song, all while maintaining a sense of tenderness, in which she moves it from reflective to celebratory with effortless style.

Watch the gorgeous music video for ‘Silent Night’ below:

Shawna Linzy - SILENT NIGHT (Official Music Video)

We caught up with Shawna and asked her a few questions about her sound, her influences, and her new single.

Who are your biggest music influences?

My biggest musical influences span a wide range from the powerful vocals of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to blends of artists from gospel, pop, soul, country, and rock genres. Additionally, growing up, my Mom (Gladys) and Dad (Sam) always had music playing. Having that constant musical presence played a pivotal role in shaping my love for music and the music that I really resonate with which continues to evolve.

What made you want to become a singer/songwriter?

Becoming a singer-songwriter felt like a natural calling for me, driven by a deep desire to share the gifts that I have been blessed with, express emotions, and connect with others through storytelling in music. I love singing. Singing is not just a passion; it feels like a purpose, allowing me to convey experiences and messages of faith and inspiration to my audience.

    What is your proudest moment as an artist so far?

    I am grateful for all of the moments and accomplishments that I have had as an artist so far. Releasing my first two singles, Let’s Ride and Let’s Ride 2 was a very exciting time!

    Could you tell us a little about your songwriting process? Where do you usually find inspiration from?

    At times a melody may just come to mind out of the blue and I will work the song writing process from that melody. There are also times where the process comes from a personal experience or from something in my surroundings that I have seen that inspires me.

    Why did you choose ‘Silent Night’ to cover? Does it hold any special meaning to you?

    Jim Ellis (Composer) and I discussed several songs to cover for a collaborative Christmas music project and we both agreed that ‘Silent Night’ would be a great start. ‘Silent Night’ is a timeless Christmas classic and it holds a special meaning in that it shares a message that honors the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Additionally, this timeless classic resonates worldwide. It was also a way to offer our own interpretation while paying homage to its enduring beauty. I hope that all who hear it are blessed by it.

    What was it like collaborating with Jim Ellis to create the instrumentals for ‘Silent Night’?

    It was a fun and creative collaborative process. Jim is an amazingly brilliant composer! He created the beautiful and captivating cover instrumentals and I sang and arranged my vocals with the composition. It was an awesome back and forth artistic process between our contributions and it worked really well synergistically. We were truly elated with the outcome!

    What was the experience like directing and staring in your own music video for ‘Silent Night’?

    The experience was both rewarding and challenging. It was really cold outside the night we filmed the video so taking warm breaks and having hot chocolate came in handy for us all! Artistically, it was rewarding as an artist and director in that I was able to bring the song to life visually in how it was envisioned for the music video. I also had the best, dedicated team to work with, my wonderful husband Tim, in helping with the set and the talented Maurice Williams, videographer and cinematographer.

    What can we expect next from you?

    New and diverse musical experiences and sounds! I look forward to continuing to grow as an artist and sharing meaningful messages through song. Stay tuned and be blessed!

    You can find out more about Shawna Linzy and her music online on her official website, YouTube, and Instagram.

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