Lights That Change – ‘Voices’

Lights That Change2

Lights That Change, an ethereal dreampop outfit from North Wales, have released a music video to accompany their single ‘Voices’.

The song itself is an elusive beast, with its disorientating wisps of sound ‎swirling all around you: the video enhances the effect tenfold. Trails of smoke and ink blots pulse past, whilst dizzying mirror effects combine with the song to make for an enthralling experience. ‎

The video grants glimpses of vocalist Mandy Clare, whose ethereal singing is a thread throughout the song. Marc Joy (guitars) and John Bryan (bass) weave the soundscape through and around this in what’s almost an enchantment. Dark and dreamlike, both song and video are phenomenal.

Lights that Change can be found on their website, Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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