Giovanna’s Stunning ‘Young Heart Player’ Is Brought To Life By Dance-Fuelled Music Video

Giovanna’s masterclass in sultry, ethereal pop music is brought to life by the stunning dance-fuelled music video, performed and choreographed by Kayla Lomas-Kirton and Duwane Taylor. It’s no surprise that the video is fast approaching 200k views on YouTube – reflecting the pure talent of London-born enigmatic superstar Giovanna.

The song, originally written about power struggles found in romantic relationships, has been expanded on by the masterminds behind the video to explore the concept of power as a wider whole. This means that the video displays the sort of power struggles we can all relate to – ones we witness in governments, courtrooms and typical daily life.

It’s a beautifully choreographed piece which shows Lomas-Kirton taking power back from Taylor who initially begins in the position of dominance. The power dynamic has been completely turned on its head by the time the song has ended.

So, too, has our estimation of what constitutes a good pop song. Giovanna’s glacial and effortless vocals permeate the song, matching the impressive and innovative instrumentation with all the precision of a true expert. Giovanna, with her background in cinematic scoring, has the capacity to write songs which conjure up mental images and it’s clear that her message has been taken and interpreted to precision in this latest offering.

Watch the gorgeous music video down below!

Giovanna - Young Heart Player

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