Papi Shiitake – ‘Enjoy The View’

Papi Shiitake is the brainchild of Young Tuxx, best known as the frontman of Brooklyn band, Best Behaviour. The project sees him collaborating and co-writing with his long time friend,  Ryan Sieloff. The pair unite the East and West coasts of the USA, and incorporate their distinct styles, with Sieloff’s 60s-inspired dreamscapes, and Young Tuxx’s tales of optimistic loneliness. Together they create an alt-surf frock world which comes unfiltered from their creative minds.

The music video for Papa Shiitake’s latest release, ‘Enjoy The View’, takes into account that we’ve all endured so far 7 months of this pandemic; none of us know what’s happening next, and to a certain extent the days all roll into one, with a “Groundhog Day” style repetition. We see Young Tuxx struggling to pay the rent along with his roommate, a Muppet-like character named Little Tuxx. They’re trying to make ends meet and make a little money on top of it all, but fail horribly at everything they put their hands to.

They’re delivery drivers, who eat the food rather than delivering it; they’re office workers who mess around rather than put their minds to the job. Their take on making sushi is not for the faint-hearted! They’re constantly on the move, trying to find the next profitable gig, while never fully concentrating on the task at hand.

They try “OnlyFrens” live cams but lose track of what they’re meant to be doing there – but it’s when they discover TikTok that they find their niche…or do they? It’s a fun clip with a great vibe, and the catchy music with the washboard sound and jangly guitars will pull you in and never let you go.

‘Enjoy The View’ of Papi Shiitake’s video below. You can find out more about the project online on Papi Shiitake’s Instagram.

Papi Shiitake - Enjoy the View

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