OUT NOW: Debut Solo Album ‘Believe It’ By Maddox Jones

There is an unspoken pressure for an artist to put together an introductory body of work. It seems pretty impossible to summarise who you are as a person, who you aspire to be as a musician into one album. 

In the case of Maddox Jones, this pressure felt slightly smaller as he was an established band member and collaborator. Even though Jones is not making an entrance into the music industry, he is marking the beginning of his solo career. 

The release of his solo debut album ‘Believe It’ collects recordings about his life, love, heartbreak, struggle with addictions, and self-love. The record opener and focus track ‘Ready To Be Better’ is an uplifting call-out of self-improvement in the face of global despair. 

Like numerous others, Maddox Jones found himself overanalyzing past mistakes in isolation and came to a conclusion of translating this self-discovery process into a 12-track long album that does not disappoint. ‘Believe It’ gives a striking glimpse into the current state of mind of Maddox Jones, accompanied by honest yet joyful soundscapes. 

Considering Jones’ consistent additions to his discography, the artist has a tunnel vision focus on becoming one of the best, already tipped as One to Watch in 2022 by BBC Introducing Northampton. 

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