The Parkers Release New Music Video For Single ’15 Again’

New York sister act duo The Parkers – consisting of Anya and Kate Parker-Lenz – have recently dropped the brand-new music video for their most current single, ’15 Again’.

The music video is more candid than a lot of visuals you see today – but that’s what makes it so real! It gives off that nostalgic feeling that transports you back to your teenage years. It tells a story of what it’s like to feel young; going out with friends, sneaking out after curfew – pretty much everything your parents told you not to do!

When talking about the writing process of the song, Anya says:

“We wrote “15 Again” about times in our lives when we were floating in and out of reality – sneaking out of the house, making stupid mistakes, pretending we knew what it was like to be a grown-up.”

Talking about the music video specifically, Kate adds:

“The video is a big mush of clips (produced by Kate) from Anya’s and my archives. We were brainstorming on this concept of being 15 and the biggest thing that came up was that nostalgic Skins vibe. We had all these videos collected on our phones over the years and knew it was the perfect time to use them.”

The video represents the true meaning of the song perfectly and it’s something that you should check out! You can watch it now via Youtube. To see what else the sisters are up to, then make sure you follow their official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. ’15 Again’ is now available to listen to through Soundcloud.

The Parkers - 15 Again Feat. Marcaux (Official Music Video)

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