Seattle’s Byland Talk To Us About Peace, Acceptance, And ‘Two Circles’

We speak with Seattle band, Byland, about their single, ‘Two Circles‘, and what inspired it and their music.

What life events inspired you to write a song based on the message in ‘Two Circles’?

The lyrics to this song were primarily written by my partner Jake. Most of the words came to Jake while sitting at a bar, writing, and thinking about what it would be like to meet another version of yourself. 

What parts of your own personality and outlook on life are found in ‘Two Circles’?

The record that this song is off of is a little weird, a little heavy, and a lot emotional. The video is all that and more. 

What do you hope your audience takes away from the ‘Two Circles’ song and video?

I hope that they feel both the peace that comes with accepting where they are at this exact moment and age and the inspiration within to push themselves to find a way to the most epic version of their life. This video paints two worlds and you don’t know which is the ideal one – the one with floating objects in a dingy house, or the one in the hall of doors finding it’s way back to…the house or something else entirely?

What part of production for the ‘Two Circles music video was the most fun? Most challenging?

I think that the most fun we had was filming at Harbor Island Studios – the whole crew was fantastic and the whole day just felt like a huge collaboration. One dumb thing was my fault – the chatter teeth in the opening scene and on the desk in the house were supposed to be brought (by me) to the studio to be placed on the same desk – for continuity’s sake. But I forgot them. No one notices, yeah? 

What is the earliest memory you have of wanting to become a musical artist?

Oh man – I have always wanted to do this ever since my parents put on Amy Grant in the hospital as I exited the womb. When I was seven or eight my parents would walk in on me standing on the kitchen table listening to Amy Grant as I pretended I was her, singing with a carrot as a microphone. 

Who could you have not done the ‘Two Circles’ music video without?

Chris Cunningham is the ‘Two Circles’ Music Video MASTERMIND. He directed the whole thing, dreamed it up, and edited it. WE LOVE DARK DETAILS.

What is your next goal for your career as a musical artist?

I want to tour as direct support for a larger artist and be able to share my music live with as many people as possible WHILE at least breaking even and being able to pay my band. 

What would you tell young, aspiring musical artists looking for advice?

Fall in love with playing when no one is looking, and keep that safe place even when you’re in front of people. Cultivate trusting yourself and realize you’ll never please everyone but if you like it, that is the most important thing. 

Watch the enigmatic music video for ‘Two Circles’ below, and find out more about Byland and their music online on their official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

BYLAND - "Two Circles" [Official Music Video]

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