Giovanna Releases New Single ‘Young Heart Player’

Rising alt pop star Giovanna has had an unconventional journey as a musician. She began her career working in the film industry writing scores for, what are now, award winning films (including ‘RISK’ which won Best Film at The Portobello Film Festival). It was here that she discovered that she had a talent for capturing raw and un-filtered emotion through sophisticated instrumentation and mindful composition.

Having found success in the cinematic arena Giovanna has now turned her attention to the music industry, after a quiet winter honing her craft, is now ready to show the world the kind of artist that she is. Her new single ‘Young Heart Player’ mixes honest, relatable, lyrics with a pulsing percussion part and strong synth elements. Written about men who lead others on, the track is a depiction of the power struggle that ensues when these boys break hearts. The track represents that coming of age experience, that is known by so many, in a nuanced and delicate way.

Giovanna’s move from film-scoring to pop has been, to put it simply, effortless. Her recent work shows elements of her cinematic history, and yet she has diversified and expanded her sound in order to create tracks that are contemporary and fresh.

Listen to Giovanna’s newest single ‘Young Heart Player’ below.

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