Byland Tap Into The Anxious Times Of Lockdown In New Release, ‘Two Circles’

Seattle band Byland tap into the anxiety left by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns with new single, ‘Two Circles’.

There’s a certain haunting feeling, a sense of dread and a fear of isolation and longing for connection that was left after the lockdowns; while the moments of strange and solitary beauty rear their heads from time to time, the anxious vibes remain, and reflect our collective trauma as a population. In a way, despite being isolated, we were a community in this respect. Taken from Byland’s sophomore album, ‘Heavy For A While’, ‘Two Circles’ is characterised by the shimmering quality of Alie Renee’s vocals, Byland’s frontwoman, as well as the ghostly elusiveness of the guitar, with its melodic hooks, dark, introspective, and magical.

‘Two Circles’ is Byland at their beast, with Alie Renee’s performance both stunning yet troubled – and troubling. Vulnerable, plaintive, otherworldly. Matched by pedal steel and synths, along with an insistent rhythm, ‘Two Circles’ feels somehow like a narrator stuck in time, waiting for the clock to start ticking once more. There’s more than a trace of sadness as Alie sings, “You never grew up; you just got older”, and we question just who she is addressing. Is it her partner? Herself? Or is it everyone, who’s been put on pause, their lives on hold, sidelined?

The music video for ‘Two Circles’ is no less unnerving. Directed by Dark Details, the scenes are filled with the macabre, almost paranormal. A set of comedy teeth, chatter on a table in a dimly lit room. A desk lamp moves, tugged by its cable – perhaps by a poltergeist. A chair levitates, while an acoustic guitar spins, mid-air, in a narrow corridor. There are doors that open to mysterious lights, and snow falls inside. Is it a dream, or is it a hallucination? Perhaps it’s come of cabin fever and prolonged isolation.

All the while, Alie Renee is the one experiencing this, and while she’s aware that the strange things are occurring around her, she has become accustomed to them, and is not disturbed. Instead, she wanders through the rooms, looking for a way out, while wearing an expression of resignation, and perhaps fear. There is an end to it all – someday. Somewhere. Until then, she’ll keep searching.

Watch the enigmatic music video for ‘Two Circles’ below, and find out more about Byland and their music online on their official website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

BYLAND - "Two Circles" [Official Music Video]

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