Karson City Rebels’ Love Is Like A ‘Runaway Train’ And They’re Never Coming Back 

Gil Karson of Karson City Rebels takes the idea of storytelling with no hidden meanings whatsoever. He tells it like it is. Playing in bands since his teens, there’s never been a time when he hasn’t been rocking it out, and he’s been having a huge amount of fun along the way. Every Karson City Rebels gig is a high energy, positive show, leaving audiences feeling the love and joy long after it’s ended.

New single, ‘Runaway Train’, is worlds away from the Soul Asylum song in the 90s. This is upbeat and energy charged from the get-go, there’s no sadness and despair; it’s a fast paced story of lust and desire, with pounding drums and a soaring bass, combined with a fire guitar solo and a pumping lead vocal. All these combine to drive the emotions straight through the listener’s heart, never wanting the band to stop.

The music video for ‘Runaway Train’ sees Karson City Rebels performing at the legendary Troubadour, in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The live music scenes are interspersed with a story of a couple, filmed in the bad lands, outside Roswell, New Mexico. The two lovers are on an active train track, acting out the song lyrics, while images of a high speed train intercut the action. All aspects complete and deliver the video with the power that it deserves.

Check out the music video for ‘Runaway Train’ below, and find out more about Karson City Rebels and their music online on their official website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Karson City Rebels - "Runaway Train" (Official Music Video)

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