Netflix’s LOST IN SPACE – The Robinsons’ Journey

This remake of the original 1965 series of the same name, arguably the original Sci-Fi series as it pre-dates the first episode of ‘Star Trek’ by a whole year, has been rebooted for the new Netflix generation, and what a reboot it is. The production team of Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (‘Dracula Untold’ and ‘The Last Witch Hunter’) have taken Irwin Allen’s creation and given it steroids. Stunning visuals, great special effects and big budgets, this has the lot. It’s the story of one family, the Robinsons, sent to colonise new worlds, who along the way, crash-land.

Although the technology features heavily, the story is a simple one; of trust, family, togetherness and survival set against the backdrop of the inter-galactic.

Toby Stephens of ‘Black Sails’ fame, plays John Robinson, alongside Molly Parker, (‘House of Cards’ and ‘Deadwood’), who plays Maureen Robinson and are the parents of the Robinson family. They, along with the Robinson kids: Taylor Russell (‘Falling Skies’), Mina Sundwall (‘Maggie’s Plan’) and Max Jenkins (‘Sense8’) must work together to survive deep space and all it has to throw at them.

The new series bears little resemblance to the original show but there are small nods to the 60s version, like the space suits, which have a particular retro feel to them.

The Robinsons aren’t alone in their journey. They’re helped by an alien robot and two outsiders; Dr Smith, played by Parker Posey, and Don West, played by Ignacio Serricchio.

This Neflix original series is action packed, emotional, heartwarming and fun. It’s an adventure, a thrill ride and above all, it’s an affirmation that family can conquer all. But it’s about the techy, stuff too.

They may be ‘Lost in Space’ but come April 13th, you’ll be so glad you found them.

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Lost in Space | Featurette: The Robinsons' Journey [HD] | Netflix

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