Jedward Introduce The JedHawk Ahead Of Brand New TV Series

Back in March John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, shaved off their trademark, and quite frankly iconic, quiffs, to raise money for a cause that’s very close to their hearts, Irish Cancer Society. The event, in honour of their late mother Susanna, raised more than 3 million Euros.

Since that time, fans and followers have got used to their shorter hair, but even so in that time, it’s grown considerably, leading the Dublin musicians to yesterday introduce a new style to fans – the JedHawk.

Meet Ryan Taerk, Boris in The Communists’s Daughter

If you had told me when I was 10 that through pursuing my passions in music that I would also work with my siblings writing blogs, songs, and screenplays, that I would get to tour with them, watch them pursue their dreams, and that as a result, I would be interviewing my brother as the lead of a brand-new CBC Gem show called ‘The Communist’s Daughter’, then I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Looking back, I also wouldn’t have changed a thing!

The Top 5 Slots Based on TV Shows

Slots are online casinos games that can grab attention with attractive animations, bright colours and enticing lights. They are simple to play but entirely satisfying, and you could win very quickly. Its simplistic nature can attract gamblers of all levels and, once you get going, you won’t want to stop. What follows a similar fashion, minus the potential winnings? Television, of course. As such, something that avid slot players particularly enjoy is when they find a slot themed around their favourite TV show. It’s easy to find more information on these slots, but here are the top 5 based on TV shows: