Royal Autopsy – New Series Headed to Sky History on 7 February With Professor Alice Roberts And Dr. Brett Lockyer

Through state-of-the-art reconstruction based on contemporaneous medical records, ‘Royal Autopsy’ presents a unique investigation into the cause of death of two of Britain’s most famous and historically significant monarchs: King Charles II (d. 6th February, 1685) and Queen Elizabeth I (d. 24th March, 1603). 

In each episode, anatomist and biological anthropologist, Professor Alice Roberts joins Home Office Pathologist, Dr Brett Lockyer, to conduct autopsy simulations on each of the monarchs using a blend of prosthetic bodies, actors, toxicology testing and forensic analysis. Their findings, together with Professor Roberts’ interpretation of historical eyewitness accounts, shed startling new light on their final days.

In a television first and with a combination of historical evidence and modern medical expertise, Professor Roberts and Dr Lockyer uncover the secrets and explore the theories regarding the causes behind the monarchs’ deaths who died over 300 years ago.

Professor Alice Roberts said,

“In this series, we employ historical research, forensic pathology, and special effects to achieve something which has never been done before: a twenty-first century autopsy on a long-dead monarch. Teaming up with brilliant forensic pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer, I take a fresh look at these cold cases and discover insights into disease and medicine, life, and death in the past. In each case, we dug into the evidence – and we weren’t afraid to draw our own conclusions about the cause of death.”

The final days of these historic figures are brought to life in vivid detail with premium scripted dramatic scenes, directed by Paul Olding (Wonders of the Solar System) and starring Mark Wingett (‘Snow White and The Huntsman’; ‘The Bill’) as Charles II and Linda Marlowe (‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’; ‘EastEnders’) as Elizabeth I.

Royal Autopsy premieres on Sky HISTORY on Tuesday 7th February. Sky HISTORY is available on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and streaming service NOW.

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