What Are The Latest Pop Culture Trends 2020

The term pop culture gets thrown around a lot, but do you know what it actually means? Well, pop culture refers to popular culture, which is aimed at the younger generation and transmitted via the mass media. Popular culture is essentially a set of beliefs, practices or objects that are popular at a given time and space in society. It can refer to things like art, literature, fashion, dance, film, and ways of living to name a few. Below are some of the latest pop culture trends for 2020.

Subtle and Simple Cartoon Fashion

Cartoons are popular among old and young. Cartoon fashion allows consumers to express their interests in terms of cartoons. These fashion pieces are playful, yet subtle and come in a variety of different styles. Classic Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy seem to be particularly popular. One example of cartoon fashion is the UNIQLO UT Mickey Mouse Collection which will be launching on the 26th of August in the US.

Body-Celebrating Marketing

For quite some time, certain body imperfectionswere manipulated or simply ignored. However, today more advertisements choose to flaunt these flaws, making their products appealing to a wider market. This type of marketing breaking away from the restrictive notions of what beauty is. It does away with the super skinny models with flawless skin and welcomes stretch marks and the yummy mummy tummy.

Canned Water Brands

Canned water brands package water in aluminum cans, which is more eco-friendly than plastic. People are becoming more and more conscious of the things they into their bodies as well as into their environment. One of these canned water brands is Mananalu by Jason Momoa.

Sci-Fi Film Graphic Tees

Lets face it, most of us live in t-shirts unless we are forced to wear something else. Now you can make a statement by wearing your favorite Sci-Fi Film graphic t-shirts. Designers add their own twist to popular sci-fi films by adapting the iconic visuals and incorporating their own design signatures.

Special Edition Gaming Consoles

In March of 2020 Nintendo Switch released an exclusive gaming console in collaboration with the Animal Crossing franchise. The console features a pastel color palette as well as motifs that are characteristic of Animal Crossing. Additionally, the game also comes with a specially designed carry case. A pre-launch unboxing video created hype around the release and showed players just what they can expect from this special release.

Songs Are Getting Shorter

The structure of tracks has changed significantly. The average pop song on the Billboard 100 has decreased by 20 seconds since 2014. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly low streaming music payouts on places such as Spotify has lured artists to create shorter songs for a greater financial incentive. Secondly, shorter tracks suit better on playlists which is ever growing In the digital music space says Thomas Bradbury of GetSongkey, the largest database of song keys in the world.

Playing at Trendy New Online Casinos

It is a known fact that for quite some time millennials have not been very fond of gambling at casinos. This is due to a variety of factors, including inaccessibility and lack of funds. However, most modern casinos have made visible shifts in terms of accessibility, how they look and the games and services they have on offer.

The newer generation is glued to their phones, which means that they are most likely to play at a casino if they can do it online. Another important factor for millennials is the design of the online casino they choose to play at. Casinos with bright colours, interactive user interfaces and exciting game offerings tend to catch the eye. One example of an online casino that does exactly this is Play Vulkan Vegas Casino. The brand features a simple yet striking design and allows you to play for fun (without spending any real money) as well as for real money without any wagering requirements as known from classic casino sites.

Tiny Homes

Lately there has been a shift from flashy and extravagant to minimalistic tiny homes. Tiny homes offer their occupants low living costs, debt free and flexible lifestyles and eco-friendly designs. Additionally, tiny homes appeal to a wide variety of consumers, from adventure seekers to the environmentally conscious.


Minimalism is quite a broad pop culture trend. Generally, minimalism entails a simplified lifestyle. This can mean going down to the bare minimum in all aspects of your life or a selected few. It looks differently for everyone. It could mean a tiny home for one, a capsule wardrobe for another or getting rid of unused appliances and other possessions.

From the list of pop culture trends above, it is clear that popular culture is reverting back to the basics. Minimalistic design and minimal living is at the centre of modern pop culture.

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