Dan Says – Week Thirteen

I had the pleasure of being invited to the media/press night of Circus Extreme in Richmond and simply had to attend, and what a night it was! The calibre of acts had us on our toes – motorbikes running of ramps into the air, a trapeze artist being lifted in and out of a water tank and a trio of tightrope walkers, carrying themselves, bikes or sticks. It was a truly marvellous evening and the perfect night out for all ages but I must warn you…you will be left on the edge of your seat by the end of the show. I had so much jaw pain from it being wide open for so long. Don’t get rude ideas! The great thing about the circus is the comedy that comes attached with it and there was this clown who had all the tricks & laughter – throwing popcorn & spaghetti at the audience, getting celebrities on stage to perform a musical number and all sorts of silly things.

Otherwise it’s been Easter Bank Holiday and a well-overdue break from London life, and a return to the quaint Tamar Valley where I’m from, where I can be reassured if I’m texting a cute guy I know my friend hasn’t already planned a date with him or worse. London life never fails to write its own narrative does it?

Lizzo – ‘Like A Girl’

Lizzo - Like A Girl (Official Audio)

Lizzo is by no means a new artist but I only really discovered her this year & shes all kind of fun & sassy that we you need from an artist & her latest album ‘Cause I Love You’ is ridden with bops and my fave from the pack is ‘Like A Girl’ which is a jazzy-pop-thumper of a track where Lizzo details the nature of her life as a girl “I work my femininity/I make these boys get on their knees”.

Madonna & Maluma – ‘Medellín’

Madonna, Maluma - Medellín (Audio)

Madame X is upon us & as with every new Madonna era…you’re greeted with excitement & a slight shudder of what Madonna’s going to do next. There’s no denying that she hasn’t made a consecutively good album since 2005’s ‘Confessions’ & most of her public appearances can be deemed embarrassing but let’s get into it…‘Medellín’ is okay. Its got a fairly forgettable chorus but has a super catchy hook “one. two. cha cha cha”. It’s certainly left intrigue for the forthcoming record but it may be noted that the whole singing in Latin phase really has been & gone.

Jake Sims – ‘All For Me’

Back in 2016, Jake Sims debuted his solo EP ‘Long Time Coming’ and among the tracks is ‘All For Me’ which is in fairness a great record. The track details Jake meeting a girl whilst on the road and the passions & embrace they go through however the spark fizzles quickly as he yearns to head back on the road & quickly sees himself catching the affection of others. The melody is really catchy on this track as Jake yearns “I would like to have you all for me/I would write you a thousand symphonies”.

Kygo & Rita Ora – ‘Carry On’

Carry On (from the Original Motion Picture "POKÉMON Detective Pikachu") (Official Video)

‘Carry On’ serves as the lead single from the ‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ movie & its quite the bop. It does feel like a very stereotypical Kygo production but has this fabulous post chorus where there’s these heavily edited vocals repeating “I’ll carry on for you”. It’s a sweet little dance song as Rita sings on the chorus “you found me/made me into something new/led me through the deepest waters”.

Dinah Jane – ‘Heard It All Before’

Dinah Jane - "Heard It All Before" (Official Video)

Undeniably, Dinah was my favourite member of Fifth Harmony when I worked with them four years ago. She was sweet & funny and I’m so excited she’s debuted new music because it’s great. ‘Heard It All Before’ is a 90s R&B number… think Lauryn Hill, Whitney etc. The track feels a little Kehlani/JoJo-esque also vocally & sees Dinah dealing with a troublesome ex and there’s this sweet middle eight where she interpolates a Lauryn Hill track, “said you care for me/but you wasn’t there for me/now you tryna beg for me. Super impressed.

I’m a little Easter Egged out. I must say.



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