How Can A Beginner Musician Develop Their Page On Instagram? Tools that work in 2022.

No question that promotion on Instagram gives endless opportunities in terms of spreading a word about content, product or service. For artists it is also a great environment to form a fan base and attract various collaborations, so choosing Instagram as a base platform would be the smartest thing to do if you’re just starting to develop in 2022. However, to succeed quickly, you’d have to use some side tools, for example, a chance to buy Instagram followers, which could boost your profile from the very beginning. If you’re curious, which tools actually work in 2022 and which you should never rely on, this article is for you – it has all the guidelines you need to follow in terms of reaching success. 

Tool 1: hashtags and geotags

And yes, this one is totally free! Though it takes some experience and thought to use it correctly. However, this isn’t hard – all you need is to learn how hashtags work today.

People who succeed at promotion don’t use 30 tags in one post anymore. It makes any publication resemble spam a lot, and users try to get away from this feeling as far as they can. So, to make sure that tags are increasing the visibility of your post and at the same time look organic, you need to do a nice job collecting them and differentiating which ones are helpful and which ones are not. The main principle to follow here is specificity and simplicity packed together.

Geotags work greatly too if you use them creatively and not just blindly putting your actual location into each post you make. Monitor which places in your city people use the most to look up interesting events, places, etc – and if you’re not bound to a very specific location, use them to increase the visibility of your publications as well. If it is important to you to be bound to a certain place (for example, you give concerts in a certain bar, etc), monitor the places nearby and still use different locations every time you post.

Tool 2: a chance to buy subs

Yes, it works, moreover, it is totally safe and can boost any page – from beginners’ ones to the advanced users’ ones. All you need is to realize how many subs you actually need and a possibility to buy real Instagram followers and not the fake ones. This is extremely important, so that you’d be able to also improve the statistics that you currently have on your page and to not get into the shadow ban. This state is very dangerous, because Instagram algorithms almost never take people out of it, and so they have to create new pages from scratch.

Tool 3: collaborations with bloggers

This is key to acquiring an audience that is going to be highly interested in the content that you put forward. To do so you can either launch a targeted ad (but when it comes to promoting artists, we’d say that it is not that efficient then if we’d be talking about promotion of a product or service) or work with the bloggers who can spread a word about your music. This works greatly, moreover, you can do such ads regularly – bloggers love long-term collabs and forming special bonds and friendships between each other so that in the future it would be easier to promote each other. 

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