Secret Wish Speak To Us About Their Latest Single, ‘Voodoo Nights’

We recently wrote about Secret Wish, an electronic duo hailing from Belgium, and their latest single, ‘Voodoo Nights’. We caught up with the duo, which comprises Kurt Vervaet and Heidi Pintens, and asked them about their music, their inspirations, and what next for Secret Wish.

Could you please share with us your early musical influences and how they shaped your artistic journey?

Like all teenagers, we loved listening to music. We didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, or what they sang. But as non-native English speakers, it encouraged us to learn English.

That being said, we have to go back to the early 80’s what meant the very first taste with the music microbe.

Did the influence of iconic Seattle bands impact your approach to songwriting?

We do like bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters etc… but it didn’t really impact our approach to songwriting, since the style of music is different from what we make. 

What has contributed to your connection with the audience and influence your music?

Kurt is a lifelong musician, having chosen to attend a music school as a young boy. At the age of 17, he found his spot in the nightlife scene by becoming a DJ. From that position, you have a connection with the audience through the music, when you see the crowd is dancing on it and having a ball. It gives a special energy and fulfilment.

For the moment we don’t do podcasting yet, but this might be something we can consider in the future to stay connected with our fans by giving them previews from our new songs and mixes etc… the more personal approach! 

What inspired your latest single, and how does it reflect your journey of self-transcendence?

We wanted to make a song that is a bit in the dark underworld. It is likely that the way each listener experiences this will be different. 

‘Voodoo Nights’ has a seductive atmosphere that evokes the mysticism of voodoo spirits and the enigmatic world they inhabit. The lyrics are written in a way as a celebration of the exotic, a trip to realm where anything can happen. They paint a vivid picture of a bewitching nightlife experience. 

How did your collaboration with Team Ayakashi come about for the music video, and what was the creative vision behind it?

The idea was to have the song supported by an animated video. Therefore we were on the lookout to an animation studio that perfectly understood our needs.

Crafted by one of the many talented editors at Team Ayakashi from the United Arab Emirates, the video presents an edited cut of a Japanese anime to mirror the passion of the song. You can follow the characters as they navigate themselves through a love triangle, later resulting in them becoming more intimate with one another. The emotions the characters project personify the ultimate message of “Voodoo Nights”, allowing the beats to take the wheel and guide viewers to their passions.

How did you convey themes of internal growth and expression in the song, and what message do you hope listeners take away?

The message we want to give with the lyrics from ‘Voodoo Nights’ is to follow your heart, even if it’s not what others want you to do, but don’t be fooled or blinded by your love and become someone’s puppet.

With a new creative chapter ahead, what can fans expect from your upcoming releases in 2024?

Secret Wish has always aimed to expand its audience across borders and express its music to an international audience. Our songs have earned airtime in several countries across Europe and Asia, landing on charts such as DDK and Cool Cuts, and have been nominated for MMA and HDT awards in the genres of house, dance, and trance.

Watch the music video for ‘Voodoo Nights’ here, and find out more about Secret Wish and their music online on their official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

Secret Wish - Voodoo Nights (Official Video)

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