Jordan Astra – ‘All Blessings’

Although Jordan Astra is from Toronto, Canada, the singer-songwriter is making a name for himself in Australia, where he’s found himself a base in Melbourne. His new single, ‘All Blessings’, is an irresistable track – dancey, catchy, and complete with bouncy synths and a brilliant vocal from Astra himself.

Astra’s music goes beyond being merely club beats; his sound is a blend of UK house and club styles but is delivered with undoubtable pop sensibilities. There’s a certain moodiness in the production qualities which points to Toronto, while lyrically there’s the sense that Astra’s mind is swayed by more cosmic than terrestrial things. ‘All Blessings’ is an expression of gratitude from someone who knows he’s caught up in a beautiful journey and wants to give thanks to both those who inspire him, and his Creator.

The video for ‘All Blessings’ has been directed by native Melburnian, Liam Giuliani. Liam has proven his skills as a photographer, and besides his incredible cityscapes (check out his photos of Tokyo in particular), he’s also shown a talent for capturing musicians performing live. For Liam, Jordan Astra provides the perfect canvas, as it were, for his work, and he keeps the video simple, with sunny yellows, cool blues, and letting Astra dominate every frame. There’s also some lovely clips of Astra driving on the highway between Melbourne International Airport, and Bendigo, where he’s captured him lost in thought behind the wheel.

You can find out more about Jordan Astra online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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