Martha And The Muffins Examine Gun Violence In Their Moving Cover Of The Buffalo Springfield Classic, ‘For What It’s Worth’

With their latest release, a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s 1966 classic, ‘For What It’s Worth’, Martha and the Muffins imbue Stephen Stills’ poignant lyrics with a treatment that’s slower, darker, and more relevant than ever. Back in the 60s, gun violence was something that was shocking, rare, and unacceptable; somehow along the way it’s become so much a part of every day life, that people barely look up when they hear of or see it. Martha and the Muffins are aware of this shift, and see it for what it is: a blight on society, “a perverse virus perpetuated by hypocrites mouthing their meaningless recitations of ‘thoughts and prayers'”.

Hello Pet! We Speak With Kit Vale About Her New Single, Life As A Solo Artist, The Toronto Rock Scene, And Women In Rock

Kit Vale, the project name of Canadian artist Jen Simpson, is a hard rocking muso whose single, ‘Pet’, we wrote about earlier this month. We loved Jen’s sound, and we wanted to get in deeper about her music, as well as her thoughts on women in rock music. Please check out our interview with Kit Vale below and let us know in the comments what you think!