There’s ‘Weird Magic’ In The Air With JR Wicker’s Latest Album

‘Weird Magic’ is the new album from Atlanta-based musician, JR Wicker. The 8 track record is light, airy, and ambitious, it’s Wicker’s debut under his own name.

Speaking about making music, Wicker says,

“I really find the creative process incredibly cathartic. Whenever my life has fallen apart whether it has been via divorce, depression, anxiety, or even a kind of questioning who I am or what matters in life, creativity is there to help you through it. You don’t have to wear a suit in creativity’s church. You won’t be judged.”

‘Weird Magic’ gets off to a great start with the ethereal ‘burnt’, before Wicker starts showing what he’s all about with the rocky ‘darkness’. The electronic textures of ‘burnt’ are spliced into a dreamy rock background, its indistinct vocals in stark contrast with the crisp sound of ‘darkness’, which comes in with all guitars and drums a-blazing. Third track, ‘telepathy’, is reminiscent of The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ era, all static, feedback, and sonic clashes.

“Weird Magic was such an interesting batch of songs to work on,” Wicker explains. “In ‘telepathy’ for example, I hired a clarinet player but told him I wanted it so effected people wouldn’t know what instrument it was. In this way, the music was conceived conceptually without knowing exactly how it would come out.”

‘Weird Magic’ is a synthesis of different sounds and styles, brought together under the one banner to showcase Wicker’s talents. The soaring strings of ‘Oh How It Shined’ teleport the listener to a higher plane, while ‘Window’ channels early Bowie and Pink Floyd. Beautiful stuff.

‘Weird Magic’ is a great name for this album; it’s weird, and it’s magical. It’s kooky, and it’s gorgeous, and overall, it’s an absolute feast. Out now, you can stream it here.

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