‘Don’t Be Yourself’ In A Million Years – Be Yourself Right Here Is Sound Advice From The Rocket Summer

Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer tackles every angle there is to express himself, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind about his feelings and experiences. New single, ‘Don’t Be Yourself’, is an acoustic rock ode to individuality, and was lauded by Rolling Stone as a song you needed to hear.

In ‘Don’t Be Yourself’, The Rocket Summer implores us to stop and reflect on those details of our lives we should honour, and share with the world. With acoustic guitar riffs that start out soft but rapidly become more powerful, buoyed up by drums and cymbals, and cello and mandolin adding an extra sweetness to the track. The message builds up that living in the shadows of the perceptions of others can result in losing years of value in our lives; we should appreciate the art in ourselves, and just like the old stained glass windows of a church, seeing the best and worst moments in people’s lives. The Rocket Summer reminds us, “For what good are your dreams if they stay within your sleep?”, and tells us that we need to bring those dreams to life.

The lyric video for ‘Don’t Be Yourself’ is deeply personal, in that it features Bryce Avary’s own handwriting, and in neon pencilled drawings we see the story unfold of someone finding himself, jumping through hurdles and facing challenges in life. Even when they’re knocked down, they get right back up and continue their journey.

Watch the beautiful music video for ‘Don’t Be Yourself’ below, and find out more about The Rocket Summer and their music online on their official website,
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Don't Be Yourself - The Rocket Summer - Lyric Music Video

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