Heartour Have ‘All They Want’ And They Want To Share It With All Of Us

Now based in Venice Beach, California, Jason Young still stretches both his talents and our minds with his Heartour project, and its indie psych pop rock sound. He’s released six full-length albums, including the enigmatic, ‘Years’, dropped last year. 

‘All They Want’, from ‘Years’, is an emotional journey that starts with fast paced drums, over which are gradually laid sedimentary layers of synths, creating a wonder of psych glory.

Battle Tapes Are ‘Brand New’ With The Video For Their Latest Rock/Alternative Track

Los Angeles band Battle Tapes have so far released 2 albums, 4 EPs, and quite a lot of singles, and so you’d believe it if I said they know what they’re doing. Not only that, but they’ve composed music for classic video games, such as the bracing, ‘Feel The Same’, which was featured prominently in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’. Their latest single, ‘Brand New’, continues with their stock-in-trade rhythm guitar and synth rock, accompanied by instantly memorable melodies, and serves as the centrepiece for ‘Texture’, their latest album, released this year.