Stay Over Releases New Single ‘IDKATL’

Alternative artist Stay Over has just released his latest single “IDKATL.” You can stream this incredibly catchy track on Spotify now. 

“IDKATL” stands for I Don’t Know About This Life and it’s quite the anthem, to say the least. It talks about the uncertainty and self-doubt that we all experience in life. He expresses this in extremely catchy beats and highly relatable lyrics. Stay Over is certainly one to keep your eye on. He is currently signed to Grammy-nominated producer Cisco Adler’s label and will be releasing a string of songs throughout the year. 

“Breaking Glass” and “Happy” are Stay Overs’ most recent singles before this. These were recently featured on Spotify’s New Alt and New Music Fridays playlists. He has now surpassed an astonishing 875K streams on Spotify! He’s also teamed up with Jutes for their last single “Girls.”

Stay Over has a way of creating hard-hitting songs that immediately get stuck in your head – whilst also exploring deep emotions and personal themes such as; love, happiness grief, and personal struggles with mental health. 

We highly recommend you go check him out! For more updates on what else is to come, follow his Facebook and Twitter

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