We Speak With Stewart Taylor About New Single, ‘Nightmares’ And His Live As A Musical Artist

You’ll have read our review of Stewart Taylor’s latest single, ‘Nightmares‘. Now check out our interview with the man himself.

Is this song based on a true story?

Nightmares is one hundred percent based on a true story. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. When I’m most at war with myself, I have very vivid nightmares. My boyfriend went away on a work trip for a week and my nightmares got really, really horrible. When he came back and we spent the night together, I slept through the night and had zero bad dreams. I woke up the next morning and turned to him and said “You took the nightmares away.” I immediately started writing this song. That’s how powerful love is. 

Is it difficult to create such personal and relatable music that makes you so vulnerable to the internet? 

I’ve been writing songs about my feelings since I was a little kid, so it’s second nature to come from a vulnerable place with my music. Nightmares flew out of me after I wrote the initial concept because it came directly from my lived experience. My best songs come from that raw, autobiographical place, and a lot of people on the internet have connected with that so far. 

Is there a specific target audience that you try to create music for?

I make music for myself first and foremost to get me through my life. I never really think about a target audience. I want anyone to relate to my songs. From what I can gather from shows and Spotify, more than half of my audience is female, and a wide range of people in the LGBTQ+ community. I’m just thankful anyone wants to sing and dance to my music!

How was your experience like meeting and dancing with Justin Timberlake?

Working with Justin Timberlake this year was nothing short of incredible. I played my Nsync No Strings Attached cassette tape constantly when I was a kid. That album inspired me to write some of my first songs and I’ve been singing and dancing to his music ever since. Justin is very down-to-earth, very kind, and extremely focused. The man can seriously sing and dance, and dancing next to him was one of the most surreal moments of my life!

Was music always your first passion in life?

Music, art, and animals have always been my main passions in life. At first, I thought I wanted to be a painter or cartoonist. Then I wanted to be a veterinarian because of my love for animals. Then around seven years old, I started singing and writing songs. I’ve been hooked on music ever since.

If you were about to play your music for the first time for someone, what would you tell them to expect?

I would tell them to expect to dance or cry! Or both. 

What is your favorite song that you have made?

Nightmares is honestly my favorite song I’ve ever made. It was an open love letter to my boyfriend at the time and I think anyone can relate to it. My first single Mess Your Hair Up is my second favorite song I’ve released. I always write the best music when I’m in love. 

What do you have planned for the future in 2024? Any new songs or albums that you are hoping to release soon?

The future looks busy in 2024! Besides writing for other artists, I’m putting the finishing touches on my next single. I’m currently in rehearsals for the music video and learning new choreography. I’ve also written and sung on a DJ feature that will hopefully be out during Pride. Get ready to dance!

Watch the music video for ‘Nightmares’ here, and find out more about Stewart Taylor and his music online by following the links on his Linktree.

Stewart Taylor - Nightmares (Official Music Video)

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