Premiere: Benjamin Race Brings Pitch Perfect 80s Sound With Inspiring New Single, ‘Memories’, Featuring Donna Odain

Even if you’re too young, or weren’t even born then, you’ll have some idea of what the 1980s was all about. The passionate performances, the sophisticated yet subtle harmonies, the silky smooth compositions, the melodies characterised by their use of gentle synths, and smokey saxophone solos. Some of us (okay, definitely me) would suggest the 80s is the best era of music in the modern age.

UK soul producer, Benjamin Race, in his new single, ‘Memories’, he perfectly captures the RnB vibe of the 1980s – the sound is note for note something you’d expect to hear during the glory days of MTV and Solid Gold.

Benjamin, who last year told us he takes his inspiration from the likes of David Foster, Trevor Horn and Quincy Jones, has also learned at the feet of 80s rhythm master, Jimmy Jam. He’s certainly been paying attention to his lessons, with ‘Memories’ sounding every bit like it’s a newly uncovered 80s classic.

We can’t give all the glory to Benjamin however – the lush, sultry vocals for ‘Memories’ have been provided by accomplished RnB singer, Donna Odain, whose contribution to the track brings a sound that’s at once contemporary, yet timeless. We are pulled into the song by her beguiling voice, and by the end, we’re so caught up in it we don’t ever want to leave.

Such a nostalgic song deserves a video that’s equally devoted to the era, and so the clip for ‘Memories’ is just that. Opening with a tv set appropriate to the times, set against a wood panelled wall, we’re soon swept back into the 80s as if we’d never left. Donna Odain wears suitably hot pink lipstick, and is bathed in neon lights shining bright with magenta and aqua. Dancer Belinda Wood allows her hair to be swept up by the ever-present wind-machine, and drummer Pascal Consoli keeps time with his vintage Simmons electronic drum kit. The entire experience is a gorgeous homage to a gorgeous time.

You can watch the music video for ‘Memories’ below, and check out more about Benjamin Race and his music online on his official website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Benjamin Race - Memories ft. Donna Odain (Official Music Video)

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