Akon Set To Release Latest EP Tomorrow

Legendary American recording artist Akon has announced his latest EP, titled ‘Afro Freak EP’, which was to be releasing in two days – now, with a day left until the eight-track release hits digital and physical shelves, we can take a further look into what it might be like, and some of the history not only behind the EP itself (which stems back to a previous EP, titled ‘TT Freak’), but the legend who made it as well.

With a nearly two-decade long discography and even more experience from before then, along with plenty of platinum certifications, it’s safe to say Akon is not only pretty famous, but has left his mark on the industry for the better. Before some of his stranger ventures such as building Akon City and making his own reality TV show in Atlanta based on his two twin brothers, Akon was making legendary albums such as ‘Trouble’ and ‘Konvicted’, which have been held to critical acclaim by R&B audiences and critics alike. Returning to these roots in music with ‘Afro Freak’, Akon provides a fresh perspective on an emergent genre with a new amapiano (sub genre of house music, means ‘the pianos’ in Zulu) album for people to enjoy.

Although Akon has been around since before amapiano was conceived, and most of his music is an entirely different genre (R&B/hip-hop), his first crack at the genre has gone rather well, re-tuning the tracks from ‘TT Freak’ into the new style – although sometimes you can’t even tell this was based off ‘TT Freak’, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Uplifting his fellow artists as always, Akon’s first single from the album, ‘Enjoy That’, features fellow label mate and South African artist Mr Brown in an eclectic, thrilling new mix that’s bound to capture your ears for its entire four-and-a-half minute runtime. Be sure to stay updated on ‘Afro Freak’, and give ‘Enjoy That’ a listen through the insert below.

Akon - Enjoy That Remix (Official Audio) ft. Mr Brown

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